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Now stop it: This is what Mexicans are spending on food apps, according to Profeco

Something to eat at home? Fancy something for dinner? These are some of the activities carried out by people who come from work, or at home, or simply on a weekend when they don’t want to cook, or feel like something different, and already with the use of applications dedicated to selling food at home is becoming more and more practical.

However, making these purchases of food at home can be detrimental to personal finances, especially if you do not have a clear vision that not only is food paid for, but there are factors that cause consumer prices to increase. .

In the Consumer Magazine for the month of September, reference is made to a survey carried out by the MX Internet Association, in April 2022, which showed that 14.5% of internet users bought food or made their pantry online.

What factors influence home apps?

  • Shipping Cost
  • fees or commissions
  • gratuities or tips
  • Inflated prices: Restaurants raise the prices of their products, transferring the commissions, which the apps charge them, to the clientele.
  • product differentiation

If you are one of the people who constantly consume these applications to buy food, the Federal Consumer Protection Office recommends checking the phones and social networks of some restaurants and in which there are no shipping costs, since doing it through the apps, most transfer commissions to the final consumer.

In the Revista de la Profeco they took on the task of preparing a sandwich and a salad at home, and ordering the same food through an app, the costs were as follows:

prepared at home: 25.92 pesos
order in app: 64.90 pesos


prepared at home: 22.64 pesos
order in app: 227.35 pesos

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