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Omikron on the advance: Lauterbach "very, very concerned about the unvaccinated"

Omikron is spreading very quickly. The corona cases have been increasing for days. Lauterbach addresses all those who have not been vaccinated with clear words.

Berlin – Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is “very, very concerned about the unvaccinated people who are now running into the Omikron wave” because of the Omikron wave in the Corona * pandemic. In Bild am Sonntag he once again appealed to people to get vaccinated against corona. “Many unvaccinated people have the feeling that the train has left for them anyway. That’s not true! ”The first vaccination drastically reduces the risk of death after just 14 days.

“By increasing the number of first vaccinations, we can effectively reduce the number of corona deaths in the Omikron wave,” said Lauterbach. Studies have shown that Omikron spreads much faster than the Delta variant of the virus, but that Omikron also causes slightly less severe cases.

“But that’s not the all-clear for older people who have not been vaccinated,” said the 58-year-old. The Berlin virologist Christian Drosten also warned of the growing danger for unvaccinated people in Germany. “We have too many unvaccinated people in Germany, especially over 60. And of course they are in real danger,” says Virologist Drosten on Deutschlandfunk.

Omikron: Large vaccine pick in Germany

In Germany, the corona incidence has risen again. The RKI reported a value of 222.7 on Sunday (January 2, 2022). One problem: 21.5 million people (25.8 percent) have not yet been vaccinated – including around four million children who are four years or younger and for whom no vaccine has yet been approved. Germany has a large vaccination pick compared to other countries in Europe. In Denmark and Great Britain the vaccination rate is much higher.

Lauterbach insists on wearing the masks, especially in schools

The minister also once again called for masks to be worn. “The viral load of the infected is lower with Omikron, which is why masks work better. We should definitely wear a mask when we meet other people. ”This applies in particular to teaching. Lauterbach emphasizes: “Consistent wearing of the masks in schools is an absolute must for all classes.”

Lauterbach hopes for an early emergency approval * of Paxlovid. Pfizer’s anti-corona pill is already approved in the United States. In Germany, things should now also go very quickly. (ml / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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