NewsOmikron particularly dangerous for young people? First toddlers apparently...

Omikron particularly dangerous for young people? First toddlers apparently dependent on oxygen

There are alarming observations from South Africa about the Corona variant Omikron. Christian Drosten dares to make an assessment. The news ticker with the most important information about Omikron.

  • Omicron: The corona variant is closely monitored by medicine and science.
  • In South Africa, a number of small children have to be hospitalized for Omikron. ( see first report from December 13th )
  • This news ticker for the Omikron variant is updated regularly.

Update from December 13th, 1 p.m.: Because of the recent omicron variant of the coronavirus, Biontech boss Uğur Şahin has spoken out in favor of a booster vaccination just three months after the second vaccination.

“With regard to Omikron, two doses are not yet a completed vaccination with sufficient protection,” said Şahin in an interview with the news magazine Spiegel : “If Omikron continues to spread, it would make scientific sense to offer a booster after three months . “

Corona variant Omikron: Virologist Christian Drosten warns of mutation

Update from December 13, 12.35 p.m.: Virologist Christian Drosten warns of the Corona variant Omikron. He fears that the mutation could increase “in a very short time” in Germany.

“My gut feeling tells me: The omicron virus will be our problem until summer,” said the scientist from the Berlin Charité in the NDR podcast “The Corona Update”. And said: “If Omikron takes over, the pandemic in Germany will not be over by Easter.”

The omicron virus will be our problem until summer.

virologist Christian Drosten

Corona variant Omikron: Worrying mutation is closely monitored

First report from December 13th : Munich / Berlin – It’s the next bulky term in the global coronavirus pandemic: Omikron. In the Greek alphabet, the omicron is the 15th letter. In the Corona crisis, on the other hand, Omikron is the next mutation that worries science and medicine. And that is why it is observed very closely.

In particular, the development in South Africa is literally under the microscope, because there the variant was discovered for the first time at the beginning of November 2021. On November 26, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified Omikron as a worrying variant of corona. Because: A higher infection rate is assumed for the mutant B.1.1.529 than for previous mutations.

Corona variant Omikron: In South Africa, a number of infected children have to be hospitalized

The latest development from South Africa is also worrying. Scientists and doctors from the local health authorities said, according to FOCUS Online , that the number of hospital admissions for small children has increased significantly.

However, it does not necessarily mean that children are particularly at risk from this variant of the insidious coronavirus, it said.

In the video: Karl Lauterbach – Booster vaccination against Corona “incredibly valuable”

The New York Times reports on a hospital in the poor settlement of Soweto in the industrial metropolis of Johannesburg, where twelve children have to be hospitalized. So three would get oxygen. It should be pointed out to the poverty-stricken conditions in the area. What does this mean for Germany and Europe? What can be deduced from the observations? Doctors, scientists and politicians are investigating this question these days. (pm) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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