NewsOn June 20, the I Popular Race 'Resiste España'...

On June 20, the I Popular Race 'Resiste España' will be held in tribute to those who fell from the pandemic

On June 20, the I Popular Race ‘Resiste España’ will be held in Madrid in tribute to the fallen and those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, the race will start at 9 in the morning from the Madrid neighborhood of Montecarmelo.

The organization of this march is organized by ‘Resiste España’ , an association of just one year of life. Since his first race at the gates of the Moncloa Palace as a vindication of the negligent management of the Sánchez Government, they explain from the association, ‘Resiste España’ has continued to run with backpacks loaded with food to social dining rooms and bringing applause to all bodies and personnel involved in the fight against the pandemic. “Always performing these acts in tribute to the fallen and carrying a single flag of Spain,” they detail.

In addition to these races, ‘Resiste España’ has also organized the act in homage to the Spanish Constitution in the Plaza de Colón together with other organizations. It has also set up an emergency device during the great snowfall ‘Filomena’ where, in addition, more than 2,000 emergencies were attended, operating day and night. Also organization of a Race through Barcelona with the flag of Spain, as well as having a presence in more than 15 Spanish cities.

Since its creation, they explain, ‘Resiste España’ – led by Nacho Trillo – has had on the agenda to launch an annual popular race in tribute to all the victims of the pandemic, as well as in support of the most vulnerable groups “after the negligent Government management ». «To take one more stride, we need your registration or voluntary contribution if you are not a runner. All profits will go to the NGO Asociación Mano Ayuda ».

The race will be able to be carried out physically in Madrid on June 20 and they will be able to make two distances 8 km and 15 km, in both routes a large part of the route will be through the Pardo. The departures will be in waves and controlled according to current COVID regulations.

On the other hand, families and non-runners will be able to do a solidarity march with the food they bring from home for a distance of 2 km . In addition to this, anyone who cannot come to run to Madrid can do so in their own city through the application and the bag that will come home when registering for the virtual modality.

There has also been a line or a window of sponsors, where any contribution can help the main objective of this event. “Thus there will be no reason not to be part of this first tribute made by civil society,” they detail. The race will be mounted by an expert company in holding events , so there will be no missing details during its preparation and execution, in addition to sending the runner’s bag and the delivery of numbers prior to the race.

“If you want to continue supporting this association so that it can continue to carry the patriotism of values to all cities, this is the best time, become part of the movement by helping us launch this race. With just your registration or contribution, you will become an ambassador for the brand, receiving a t-shirt and a thank you from the association “, they conclude.

If you want to participate you can do so at this link.

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