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One in every 5 minutes on the Internet is invested in social networks

internet-trabajo The latest annual report published by Internet marketing research company ComScore reveals that one in five minutes of the time Internet users spend online is spent on social media .

According to the report, Israel is the most “addicted” country, with a dedication of around 11.1 hours per month on social networks during the month of October 2011. Argentina is followed with 10.7 hours; Russia, with 10.4; Turkey, with 10.2; Chile with 9.8 hours and the Philippines, with 8.7 hours. The United States, on the other hand, only spends 6.9 hours per person.

On the other hand,Facebook remains the undisputed leader: 3 out of every 4 minutes that Internet users spend connecting to a social network are spent on Facebook. However, themicroblogging is gaining momentum,and in October one in ten people connected to the Internet used Twitter, which implies a growth of 59%. In China, the microblogging platform Sin Weibo is gaining weight, with a growth of 181%. And worldwide the use ofTumblr it is also growing rapidly (172% in 2011).

Another important change to take into account in the use of social networks is that more and more people access through mobile. On the other hand, the elderly sector that has grown the most throughout 2011 in its access to these services is the one thatover 55 years old. However, the time spent on the Internet continues to be around 8 hours per visitor among young people and does not go beyond 5 hours in the older sector. The report also reveals that women continue to outperform men in Internet use worldwide by 2 hours or 30% of time per month in North America and Europe.

The report also highlights the rapid growth of Google +, the first network that a month after being born had 25 million unique visitors. It currently accounts for 5% of the global audience of social networks.


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