NewsOrange family violates Corona rules again: big party

Orange family violates Corona rules again: big party

Currently, citizens should receive a maximum of four people at home due to Corona. The Dutch royals celebrated the birthday of Crown Princess Amalia with many guests. The outrage is great.

The Hague – The Dutch royal family has violated the Corona rules again and outraged many fellow citizens. Crown Princess Amalia celebrated her 18th birthday last week with a big party, although citizens should only receive four guests at home.

The court confirmed corresponding media reports on Thursday in The Hague.

In the Netherlands, there is an evening lockdown due to the tense situation in hospitals and the high number of infections. Citizens should only receive a maximum of four guests at home. Amalia celebrated her birthday with around 100 guests, reported “De Telegraaf”. In the garden of the palace they celebrated in two tents. The court, on the other hand, speaks of only “21 invitations”. All guests had been vaccinated and asked to test themselves.

König speaks of misjudgment

Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that King Willem-Alexander had admitted a miscalculation. “The king informed me that in retrospect it was not a good idea to organize it that way.”

The Oranje family has already disregarded the Corona rules several times. Last year the family flew to their holiday home in Greece, despite the government urging all citizens to stay at home. The royal couple returned quickly after major protests, but the two princesses Amalia and Alexia (16) stayed. The anger in the country was so great that the royal couple had to apologize in a TV address. The popularity of the royal family had then sunk to a low point. dpa

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