EconomyOutsourcing is history, now what's next?

Outsourcing is history, now what's next?

(Expansion) – In recent days it was decreed by the Executive power that from the first day of August the figure of the subcontracting of personnel will be prohibited, however, intermediation services, as well as the subcontracting of specialized services and works in Mexico they will be allowed.

I believe that it is important to explain that the main reason why a reform in the field of personnel subcontracting was approved is the existence in the current labor market of many contractors and contractors of this type of service who simulate, evade and evade their labor obligations- employers.

The foregoing has caused, for many years, the violation of workers’ rights, damage to public finances, damage to social security institutes and, of course, immense unfair competition for companies that do comply with the regulatory framework. rigorously.

Once this is understood, it is essential to avoid that contracting companies and contractors of the personnel subcontracting service fall into panic and make hasty decisions, since the most important thing is to understand that subcontracting in Mexico is not prohibited, but is limited, that The intermediation services related to the personnel hiring process will be allowed, that the definition of the duration of the labor relations will not undergo any modification and that aggressive labor and / or fiscal schemes should not be promoted, accepted or implemented, since they imply the lack of fulfillment of the worker-employer obligations.

Therefore, I believe that the leaders of the contracting organizations of these services should rethink their current situation, initially making an exhaustive analysis of the corporate purpose and the predominant economic activity of their company, since this may help them define to what extent their Current suppliers are in compliance with the new regulation and the capacities they have to be able to maintain their contractors now through the provision of specialized services.

Leaders should not lose sight of the fact that the main key to the success of their organizations is to have the right talent, at any level of their company, when they need it, and given that in many cases they do not have the experience and capacity. To perform the function of attracting the right people, this is a task that can be performed more efficiently by an intermediary without the intermediary acting as the patron of the new hires.

So we must understand that a specialized service in the new legislation refers to the outsourcing of any organizational process or function that is vital for the proper functioning of the supply chain from an organization to a contractor, but the most important thing to consider is that the deliverable could be much more efficient and with greater added value than it could obtain if it were carried out internally.

Finally, I recommend that, once the two previous points are completely clear, companies define a transformation strategy in conjunction with their contractor, which is real, demonstrable and that shields absolute compliance with the new regulatory framework, in addition to ensuring the continuity of the business without deviating from the objective for which it was created, since the design of the strategic approach to resources and organizational processes will depend on that, so that in this way those processes that must remain internalized and those that can be outsourced can be identified .

A key factor in this new talent equation, for both contractors and contractors, will be to understand the spectrum of the talent supply chain, which will be full-time, temporary and project workers, executing fully outsourced services. Therefore, the adoption of a flexible work strategy, through specialized services delegated to a third party, will be able to ensure the correct growth rate in the current scenario for companies in Mexico.

This change in the regulatory framework will have different meanings for each organization, such as ensuring a level of flexibility in its workforce to face the demand cycles in its business, satisfying the demand for specialized talent and / or managing its companies in the same way. most efficient possible.

Taking the foregoing into consideration, I would like to share how all organizations in Mexico will be able to have access to the adequate supply of talent, through the following specialized and / or intermediation services:

1. Related to the processes of attraction, selection, hiring, training, administration and removal of permanent and temporary or contingent workers, since many companies in Mexico need to maintain a constant population of this type of worker.

2. Related to projects which will tend to be used to meet requirements that have a defined beginning and end.

3. Related to a fully outsourced service, which will often be related to business and professional services, considered for job functions ranging from routine administrative tasks to complex processes and from high volume transactions or specialized support.

In conclusion, with this new reality in the labor framework of our country, the decisions made by companies that until now have been contractors or contractors of the personnel subcontracting service, must be defined and executed properly so as not to lose opportunities to compete, position and grow up, that’s what’s next.

Editor’s Note : Gabriel Aparicio is Country Manager for Kelly Mexico. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of global and national solutions. He was National Director for Mexico, leading the Supply Chain Solutions for Mexico function at UPS. Follow him on. The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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