HR companies change their model

Companies dedicated to human resource management are experiencing a time of redefinition after the regulation of outsourcing.

About 20 companies protect themselves against the outsourcing reform

In addition to Mary Kay, at least 17 other companies used an injunction to allow them to continue to outsource staff in the pre-government reform conditions.

The outsourcing industry: renew or die

Every change brings painful and challenging moments; However, it is at this point when we can get the best of ourselves to innovate and find new opportunities, says Francisco Martínez Domene.

Outsourcing is history, now what's next?

It is essential to prevent contracting companies and contractors of the outsourcing service from falling into a panic and making hasty decisions, says Gabriel Aparicio.

Failure to comply with the new outsourcing law will have tax consequences

Among the sanctions, there will be fines of up to 4.5 million pesos, question the deduction of income tax or the VAT accreditation, and even enter under the assumption of crime for tax fraud.


Family: Anne Heche will probably not survive the accident

The US actress crashed into a house at high speed – after the crash, her car caught fire. Heche's family is now examining whether their organs can be donated. That was Heche's wish.

Arctic warming almost four times faster than global

Climate change is clearly noticeable in the Arctic - even more than in other regions of the world. This has to do with polar amplification, write researchers in a study.

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The first effects of the media signing of Alonso by Aston Martin

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