EconomyThe outsourcing industry: renew or die

The outsourcing industry: renew or die

(Expansion) – Throughout history, the human species has gone through different situations and moments that imply a radical renewal of its thinking and acting to stay alive and at the same time evolve to face a better future.

In these moments it is very typical that we hear the expression “Renew or die”, which has its origin in a phrase attributed to Miguel de Unamuno, a 19th century Spanish writer and philosopher, “progress consists in renewing”.

If there is something healthy in life, it is change and when it is radical it is even better, because it puts us in a defining situation that drives us to survive or perish. We can see this in many aspects of our life, from politics, social life and even in the things that may seem more trivial in our day to day.

However, few people take the value that this generates in their own personal and therefore social growth and evolution, since as we know, the only constant in this life is change and those who do not adapt to it are destined to disappear.

This is the current reality of the outsourcing industry in Mexico, of which I have been a part for more than 26 years. We are at the moment of truth for the actors that participate in this sector, since, with the current reform, which will be implemented in August of this year, we have seen the need to stand on the edge of the precipice in the one that only those companies that leave behind the longing for what one day was, will be the ones that take a leap towards the new reality.

And it is that, without a doubt, a change of course was necessary due to harmful practices towards employees and the treasury, which certain companies had been exercising, using the subcontracting industry as a shield and which they significantly damaged.

Although the changes that are being implemented are not what most of the companies that are dedicated to this expected, since for many this reform falls short on the issue of the validation of the key actors that will offer specialized services and at the same time leaves was a scheme that allows support and formal flexibility, such as temporary work.

We are aware that changes are never as we expect them, so the important thing is to get down to work and adapt as best as possible to them to generate opportunities where some see obstacles.

Now is the time to revolutionize the market and offer specialized services that give a new dynamism to the sector and that generate new benefits for both contracting companies and workers. With this reform, I am convinced that we are taking a big step into the future and thereby getting closer and closer to first-world countries in which this type of service has been implemented for a long time.

Unintentionally, because it was not the main reason for this reform, this change will drive the country and the human resources industry towards practices that generate greater value, putting us on a par with countries such as Spain, Japan and Italy; among others.

As we know, all change brings painful and challenging moments; however, it is at this point that we can get the best of ourselves to innovate and find new opportunities.

It is time to burn our ships and go straight ahead and without looking back over that promising horizon that benefits us all. It is time to think about everything and not only what suits some of the actors.

If the pandemic has taught us any lesson, it is that unity, support and the search for collective benefit is what contains the necessary strength to get out of any negative situation. So, the time has come, it is time to renew ourselves or else be aware that we will soon cease to be relevant to the market.

Editor’s Note: Francisco Martínez Domene is an executive with more than 25 years of experience in the staffing industry. He is CEO of The Adecco Group Mexico and has been appointed Secretary General of the Mexican Association of Human Capital Companies (AMECH) for the biennium 2021 – 2022. Follow him on and / or on. The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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