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PAN prepares the first "catwalk" of candidates for 2024 this Sunday, October 2

This Sunday, October 2, the National Action Party (PAN) celebrates the first official catwalk towards 2024, with which it seeks to fully engage its candidates in the fight for the presidency of the Republic, a field in which the PRI is also to venture and where Morena’s “corcholatas” have an advantage.

Under the name “Let’s change Mexico! Yes, there is another!”, the PAN members seek to establish a greater link with the citizens, learn about their demands, needs, requirements and urgencies, in addition to contrasting the results of their local administrations with those of Morenoite governments.

Internal strife heading to 2024

The governors of Chihuahua, Maru Campos ; from Yucatan, Mauricio Vila ; from Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri ; the former governor of Guanajuato, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks ; and the president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies and former Secretary of the Interior, Santiago Creel Miranda , will make their joint debut on the first blue and white catwalk.

And it is that in the first Citizen Forum 2024, organized by the National Executive Committee (CEN), to be held this Sunday, October 2 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, it aims to establish a dialogue with the organizations of society and make it clear that the PAN governments “are the best alternative to change the country.”

Priistas are coming

In the same vein, the PRI members do not want to be left behind and have scheduled for the next October 17 and 18 their first catwalk towards 2024, under the slogan “Dialogues for Mexico”, with the participation of their leaders, and with a view to strengthening and improve a national project.

Both catwalks will take place in the midst of the impasse in which the Va por México alliance, made up of PAN, PRI and PRD, remains, after the tricolor supported, in the Chamber of Deputies, the expansion of the Armed Forces in public security tasks until 2028, which earned him the loss of trust of his PAN and PRD allies.

a royal catwalk

“The PAN governments are innovative governments and there is concern in society about who (the party’s candidate) can be, and these types of events meet these two expectations,” said Margarita Fisher, PAN Secretary for Education and Training, highlighting that the event brings together those personalities who have raised their hands to contend for the presidential candidacy.

For Fisher, forums must be prevented from becoming straw walkways.

“Of pure personalized promotion, but that there is a narrative that pays the party, that there are propositional speeches, which is something that has been requested by the militancy and civil society,” he highlights.

The objective, he mentioned, is to send a message to tell the population that there is another, that not everything revolves around the president’s party, but that there is a party with 83 years of life and experience to govern.

“They will be (Mauricio) Vila, (Mauricio) Kuri), (Juan Carlos) Romero Hicks, Maru Campos and (Santiago) Creel, who have expressed that they have some interest in the candidacy. The idea is to show what your experience is. They are excellent profiles, different trajectories, all with outstanding achievements,” he said.

PAN politics even commented that in their tour of various states of the Republic they have asked them to show off their governors.

“That makes it clear that here in the PAN, there are roosters and there are hens, men and women who seek to pay the brand,” he said.

Morena’s “corcholatas”, he said, have broken the electoral law and have advanced the presidential process at will.

“It does not mean that because they have started things the way they have, any other action is justified. This is the time to say: ‘Yes, here is a government program, here are achievements and here are profiles’. It is a different logic, here nobody is doing an open campaign, positioning their name, as is being done in Morena”, said Fisher.

The PAN opens a window of communication with society

“That is why the PAN opens a window of communication with society to walk together with it, in order to change the reality of thousands of Mexicans submerged in poverty and who aspire to have a better life in economic, security and opportunities in general,” the party detailed in a statement.

The institute directed by Marko Cortés highlighted that similar forums will be held in different regions of the country, to continue the dialogue with Mexican society towards 2024.

With the same purpose, PAN senator Lilly Téllez began a tour of the country on August 29 to position herself towards 2024.

Téllez assured that he can beat the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, despite the resources and support behind her, by the Federal Executive.

“I am convinced that I can beat Claudia Sheinbaum, because she has all the money from the federal government, the support of the man who has a vocation as a bartender to uncover her (like corcholata) and has a showcase and a stage in which she is promoted. daily, I don’t have a campaign, I don’t give a five and even so I’m already competitive against Sheinbaum”, he explained.

PAN must bet on open internal elections

“I believe that open internal elections must be held where not only the militants vote, but all citizens, and for that there must be a catwalk of all those who want and not only those who want the leadership, where they select some and others are left out,” said Senator Gustavo Madero when questioned about the upcoming PAN catwalk.

“There must be a process to identify who should represent us within the party and then in an alliance, but it has to be a true level competition,” he added.

According to Madero, the election of the PAN presidential standard-bearer cannot and should not lend itself to simulation.

“It should not be a simulation, it should not be a fixed and protected meeting with cotton gloves, because people would look bad if it is a simple simulation of debates,” he noted.

In his view, the dispute over the presidential candidacy should take place as in the United States, with primary elections, where the proposals of each of the candidates can be known and distinguished, that is, what they think, what they defend, how they argue, how uphold their principles.

“A debate of open confrontation, not simulated. It cannot simply be a simulation of internal competition. It has to be frank, open, even and uncovered,” he highlights.

The PAN must shake off the PRI

At a time when the PAN seeks to position its candidates towards 2024 and there is an obvious distance between it and the PRI, the senator from Chihuahua listed the four occasions in which the PAN has “saved” the tricolor. “And the question is whether at this point, does he save it again or not,” he said.

From his point of view, two mantras must be overcome: first, that the PAN cannot win alone, “because it is a mantra that is repeated and does not necessarily have objectivity, and second, remember that the PAN has saved the PRI on four historical occasions.” .

According to Madero, the first time that the PAN saved the PRI was when the then PRI candidate Carlos Salinas de Gortari triumphed in 1988, in the midst of an election that was highly questioned due to the so-called “fall of the system”, with the former Secretary of the Interior , Manuel Bartlett Díaz, and there was a political crisis due to that unrecognized victory.

“To do this, the PAN issues a statement in which it tells Salinas: ‘You won illegitimately, but you can legitimize yourself by following an agenda of openness and democratization,’ and that is where the voter card with photograph is born, the autonomous IFE is born, etcetera,” he explained.

“When Vicente Fox won the presidency of the Republic, many thought that it was already the death of the PRI, because it was a presidential party and by not having the president of the Republic, the fundamental foundation was removed, but the Fox government is divided into two groups: those who want to kill him, the lace, and those who want to give him artificial respiration and help him recover with the governors”, he related about the second time that the PAN would have saved the PRI.

“This is how the second option promoted by (the now president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies) Santiago Creel wins and a party that was already mortally ill is brought back to life,” he said.

The third time, he added, was the “Pact for Mexico (signed in December 2012 by PAN, PRI and PRD), with which (President) Enrique Peña Nieto earns bonuses that he later squandered with the arrogance and corruption of his government. . There (with the Pact for Mexico) it once again had an agenda and legitimacy.”

And the fourth time was the alliance “It goes for Mexico, when (PAN, PRI and PRD) are already touched to death and in self-defense they decide to ally and unite. With this, the PRI has been collapsing, after being a party that governed throughout the last century, today it only has three states and in 2023 two of them will be disputed: Coahuila and the State of Mexico.”

Gustavo Madero predicted that the PRI could disappear next year if it loses the State of Mexico.

“And there the question is why Alito is willing to risk everything, if the survival of the PRI is the triumph of the State of Mexico,” he said.

Far from it, he noted, (the PRI) incurs “precisely with a betrayal of what was agreed with its allies (PAN and PRD) who defended it, supported it and with whom it agreed on a constitutional moratorium, promoting a constitutional reform, extending the period of 24 to 28 of the application of the National Guard and, on the other hand, supporting with that the permanence of the militarization”.

Upon express question, the legislator ruled out that the departure of “Alito” and even of Marko Cortés, would be a solution to advance towards 2024, but suggests a renewal in the parties.

“Alito ends his term in August 2023, Marko Cortés until 2024, so the leadership cannot be overthrown in any way. Yes, there must be renewal, but not rupture. It has to be done by agreement and by conviction, not by rebellion,” he said.

Presidential PRI, will also “debut” on the catwalks

Those who do not want to be left behind in the advanced presidential race are the PRI members, who have also proposed the realization of a catwalk, to be held at its National Headquarters on October 17 and 18, called “Dialogues for Mexico”, through which It seeks to reinforce partisan unity and arrive strengthened for the next electoral commitments in 2023, in Coahuila and the State of Mexico, to later continue in 2024.

Senator Beatriz Paredes Rangel will participate in it; the governor of Oaxaca, Alejandro Murat; the former Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid, and the former Secretary of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), José Ángel Gurría, who have already raised their hands to seek the presidential candidacy.

In addition, the deputy Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, the governors Miguel Ángel Riquelme, from Coahuila, and Alfredo Del Mazo, from the State of Mexico, entities with local processes in June of next year, as well as the former governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, among others. important cadres of the national PRI.

The objective is that “they come to give their vision and present what they see of the country,” informed Alejandro Moreno, tricolor national leader, who clarified that it will be a public event, which will be enriched with the presence of journalists, analysts, experts and representatives of civil society, to listen to proposals, contrast ideas and improve the project.

“The PRI members want to reach our next electoral commitments strengthened. Here we are going to join forces and put the best of the PRI at the service of the PRI, with unity and partisan commitment,” said the also federal deputy.

The former governor of Campeche, who is also seeking the presidential candidacy, stressed that “whoever accepts our invitation will be welcome within the PRI, to listen to the voices and what they think of Mexico. Always the PRI, contributing the best of its women and men”.

It will be a forum “very open and it will be a modern forum, where they will have to participate, where they will have questions and answers with those who are in said forum.”

With fences and songs, they push the candidacy of Adán Augusto López

Experts point out that given the "legal loopholes", the promotion is to generate an advantage for the secretary of the interior, although they consider him a "false candidate" in the race for 2024.