EconomyFinancialPASA, a company that transcends its environmental commitment

PASA, a company that transcends its environmental commitment

Environmental Promoter began its operations more than 30 years ago when it had only 7 trucks, now the company has more than 2,000 units and is characterized by serving the environment through specialized services for the business sector, timely and efficient waste collection and other sustainable solutions that it provides internationally.

Thanks to effective management, the company provides services to more than 13 million inhabitants and approximately 20,000 companies in more than 40,000 points, which is relevant, since when it started they only had 7 clients.

To provide its services, Environmental Promoter has distinguished itself by integrating competitive values such as commitment and innovation; social values such as teamwork, human development and human rights; as well as ethical values: respect for the environment, honesty and integrity. These values have transcended through the years in the company and have permeated several generations of employees.

A history of loyalty in the path of Environmental Promoter

The company that started with 68 employees, currently has more than 7,000 collaborators committed to their work. Such is the case of José Juan Iracheta Ovalle, Roll Off Truck operator, who has been working for the company for more than 30 years.

At the age of 18, on October 25, 1991, José Juan began working at PASA. Today, after more than 30 years, he is one of the examples of employee loyalty towards this company that has distinguished itself for being a pioneer in environmentally responsible waste collection.

José Juan narrates that when he was 6 years old, his mother passed away, he was left in the care of his father and an aunt and some cousins lived with them who formed a home. At the age of 15, he finished high school and began working with his father, who was a jeweler, however, this turn of events did not attract him to work like his father.

It was in his youth, when his uncle José Ovalle, a pioneer collaborator of PASA, invited him to work in the company as his collection assistant, and the next day he joined the work with the passion that has characterized him ever since.

With only 18 months of working as a Loading Assistant, he received the opportunity to be a Truck operator, since he had already learned to load containers, handle and use the equipment correctly, thanks to his uncle’s teachings and example.

He shares that with the evolution that the company has had, the training has also been consolidated, today they give more training courses, which have helped the collaborators in the performance of their activities; additionally, they grant them greater benefits, as part of the company’s commitment to collaborators.

After 30 years of his tenure at Promotora Ambiental, José Juan mentions that he has changed and grown together with the company, which has supported him to mature in this time and has also allowed him to develop personal achievements, by caring for and improving his heritage, as his father also instilled in him.

He also explained that the company’s values are in line with what was learned at home: “values come from the family. My dad taught us to be honest and my uncle was also very strict, and he told me: you come to work, and just work, don’t do inappropriate things”.

This has been fundamental, it has helped him to endure in the company, as well as his love of operating trucks and the stability that the company has given him for more than three decades, he explains.

He remembers how his uncle, who worked for 23 years at Promotora Ambiental, transmitted safety messages to him, which today are addressed daily in training: “if it’s not necessary, don’t overtake; do not constantly change lanes; when you enter with a client, you always have to observe the requirements, and I think I have applied all of that”. In this way, he has not had any accidents during the time he has worked.

Currently, Promotora Ambiental has relied on digital tools that automate and simplify work on the routes, and in the future, it will continue to evolve; José Juan imagines that there will be new technologies that will continue to improve Promotora Ambiental’s services and he and his colleagues will continue to grow with this company.

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