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Pedro Sánchez mixes the 630,000 affected by ERTE with the people who work on the plan sent to the European Union

The Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan sent to the European Commission to receive 140,000 million in European reconstruction funds tries to whitewash the serious economic situation in Spain. The Government of Pedro Sánchez offers a clearly biased interpretation of the crisis of the pandemic, which has plunged thousands of businesses into ruin and has brought unemployment to record figures, with data such as the 1.2 million families with all their members However, the dossier sent to Europe tries to decaffeinate the figures, mixing, for example, those affected by the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) with the recovery of jobs, as shown in the graph ‘Adjustments in the labor market since the beginning of the crisis’. A few days ago, Sánchez stressed that the labor market has recovered 600,000 jobs “from the worst moment of the pandemic.” Meanwhile, 630,000 workers are still affected by an ERTE. Source: Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. However, the graph avoids the 3,653,900 unemployed still in Spain. According to the latest data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA), in the last twelve months, households with all its unemployed members have increased by 152,400, which represents in relative values an increase of 14.2% to 1.22 million. Presume of the ERTE The Executive boasts of this instrument, despite the fact that it is a clear indicator of the brutal blow to the Spanish economy. «The Temporary Employment Regulation Files have covered more than 3.6 million workers at the height of the pandemic, and 4.2 million in total to date, and more than 500 .000 companies, providing an agile instrument for the second and third waves and for the reintegration of workers and the reactivation of companies as restrictions are eliminated, ”says the document sent to Europe. The Government points out that 80% of the workers have already left the ERTE. Likewise, Sánchez boasts of the “extraordinary benefit for the self-employed” which, he says, “has largely cushioned the fall in their income, allowing the recovery of the activity. ”2,000 claims by hoteliers2,000 hoteliers are processing their property claims after losing nearly 70,000 million euros due to the restrictions established by the Government for the pandemic. From the Hospitality of Spain employers’ association they assure that these measures have led to the closure of 100,000 businesses. In the plan for Europe, the Government also highlights the “unprecedented battery of aid”, with “direct aid to reinforce the solvency of companies” “Not enough measures” However, after praising the economic policy deployed in the most difficult moments of the crisis, the Government now admits that the measures are not enough to face the future. “Response and support measures, essential for Protecting activity, the productive fabric and employment in the short term are not enough, by themselves, to guarantee the full recovery of the level of GDP prior to the outbreak of the pandemic or correct the important imbalances, new and inherited, and make facing the challenges of the future, “he says in the document.In this context, it assumes that “the new normal will leave economies operating below their potential for a while” and calculates that “in an inertial scenario, in the absence of the Recovery Plan,” the level of production and employment “prior to the shock ‘will not recover until 2024.

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