News"Playboy": Virologist Christian Drosten is "Man of the Year"...

"Playboy": Virologist Christian Drosten is "Man of the Year" 2021

A “Playboy” survey again names virologist Christian Drosten “Man of the Year”. However, another man could be formative for 2022.

Munich – For the second year in a row, the virologist Christian Drosten has been voted “Man of the Year”. In a representative “Playboy” survey published on Wednesday (December 1st, 2021) on the man with the greatest social merit nationwide, the chief virologist at the Berlin Charité only beat Biontech founder Ugur Sahin with 23.6 percent of the votes.

He and his wife Özlem Türeci had succeeded in developing the corona vaccine in Mainz with his company, which is why Sahin got 23.3 percent of the vote. In doing so, Sahin and Drosten underline the importance they have in combating the corona pandemic.

“Man of the year 2021”: virologist Christian Drosten

Christian Drosten had already won the “Playboy” survey in 2020, in the first year of the corona pandemic. At that time he won with 18.5 percent in front of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and the football coach of FC Bayern, Hansi Flick. The latter two shared second place, as Söder was preferred by the women and Flick by the men.

By the way: The least popular in 2020 was pop singer Michael Wendler with 35.6 percent, followed by cookbook author and right-wing extremist conspiracy narrator Attila Hildmann with 16.5 percent.

Who will be the defining “Man of the Year” in 2022? Scholz is highly valued

With a view to the coming year 2022, however, the “Playboy” survey participants expect a return to other topics. Accordingly, according to the survey, the designated Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) could become the most influential man in 2022. 46.5 percent of those surveyed assume that Scholz is in the top position. It is followed by FDP leader Christian Lindner with 15.4 percent and Greens leader Robert Habeck with 12.6 percent.

The polling institute Norstat asked 1001 representatively selected men and women for the “Playboy” survey. (ktho / afp)

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