NewsPrince Andrew's military title: regiment has surprising successor favorites...

Prince Andrew's military title: regiment has surprising successor favorites – is Queen breaking new ground?

With Prince Andrew’s demotion, his military titles will become vacant. A body regiment of Queen Elizabeth II has decided on the successor issue.

London – The Prince Andrew scandal burdens the British royal family*. The allegations against the second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II* in connection with the affair of the convicted US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein* weigh heavily.

The Queen of Great Britain has already responded. Prince Andrew lost his status as Royal Highness, as well as having to relinquish all military titles and patronage. Buckingham Palace published a corresponding message on January 13.

Among other things, Prince Andrew was also a Colonel in the Grenadier Guards until his demotion. The second oldest regiment in the British Army’s Guards Division is one of the Queen’s five life regiments. But who will take over the title of the Grenadier Guards instead of the ousted prince?

Prince Andrew loses military titles – Regiment wants Duchess Kate as successor

The renowned Times now wants to know from circles in the regiment who their relatives want in this position: Duchess Kate*, the wife of Prince William* is the clear favorite of the troops. “According to the opinion polls in our ranks, they would all love it to be Kate,” the source is quoted as saying. “We all admire the way she has blended in and behaved. She never seems to take a wrong step.”

It would be a step of historic importance should the Duchess of Cambridge actually achieve the rank of Colonel in the Grenadier Guards. The Grenadiers were founded in Bruges in 1656 by King Charles II, who was then in exile. But never before in the nearly 366-year history of the regiment has a woman been bestowed the title of colonel.

Duchess Kate: Favorite of the Grenadier Guards – but the Queen can also have a say

It would be a modern decision if 40-year-old Duchess Kate was indeed appointed as the regiment’s new commander. With her, the Grenadier Guards would be one of the most popular members of the battered British royal family. Duchess Kate has not afforded any scandals so far and shone with friendliness, empathy and sovereignty in public appearances together with husband Prince William.

After the turmoil surrounding the royal farewell to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan * and the massive allegations against Prince Andrew, the royal family is longing for a little rest. That could well come with a promotion of the well-loved Duchess Kate. At least on this issue. Meanwhile, it is not just the members of the Grenadier Guards who decide whether this will happen. Queen Elizabeth II is also allowed to have a say. (kh) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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