NewsPrince Harry: Private detective apologizes to him for espionage

Prince Harry: Private detective apologizes to him for espionage

Private detective Gavin Burrows apologizes for robbing Prince Harry of his “normal teenage years”. He put the cards on the table now.

London – Private detective Gavin Burrows shows late remorse and apologizes for his earlier behavior in the BBC documentary “The Princes and the Press”. He was part of a “ruthless” media culture. *

Prince Harry: Private detective apologizes to him for espionage

In the documentary, the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William * (39) and the media is scrutinized. In retrospect, it was not a brilliant hour for those involved, who resorted to questionable, often illegal, methods in the service of the press.

“I was basically part of a group of people who robbed him of his normal teenage years,” says a chastened Burrows of the treatment of Prince Harry, now 37. He described the media culture of the early 2000s as “ruthless”.

Prinz Harry hat einen schwarzen Anzug an und schaut betroffen.


Prince Harry was the victim of a “ruthless media culture” at a young age.

The private investigator also reported that editors referred to Harry as “the new Diana”, alluding to his mother Princess Diana * (36, † 1997), who was killed in a tragic car accident. The role of the press in the early loss of the mother of Prince Harry and Prince Williams remains unresolved.

Prince Harry: Hair-raising approaches come to light

In an attempt to uncover stories about Prince Harry *, Burrows targeted former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 36, with whom the Royal dated until 2011 after dating her repeatedly for six years. Gavin Burrows confessed to hacking Chelsy Davy’s phone and looking through documents. She bragged about Prince Harry in front of friends, he revealed.

Burrows also dug into Davy’s medical records to clarify whether she had sexually transmitted diseases or abortions. He is “very sorry” for having acted like that, he says today. He was greedy, took cocaine and, as a result, admitted a kind of megalomania.

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Prince Harry: A lot was asked of his ex-girlfriends

For Prince Harry’s girlfriends at the time, such as Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas (32), it was all too much. Ex-girlfriend Florence St George (36) recently gave an example of her point of view. *

It is not known whether Prince Harry accepted the apology. The fact is, he seems to have gotten over the tough times. Today he is vehemently against misinformation on the Internet. * * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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