NewsPrince Harry threatens to sue: will there be another...

Prince Harry threatens to sue: will there be another scandal among the royals?

Prince Harry is once again causing an uproar in his home country. Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson is currently threatening to sue the British government.

London – Prince Harry (37) is always good for a headline. Now Duchess Meghan’s husband (40) even wants to take the British government directly to his chest *.

Prince Harry threatens to sue: will there be another scandal among the royals?

Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan have built a tranquil life in the United States. They are said to be currently looking for a new property* for themselves and their offspring. Since leaving the British royal court, their main focus has been their two children, Archie* (2) and Lilibet* (7 months).

With lucrative book deals, collaborations with Apple, among others, and appearances on talk shows*, the Sussexes ensure that money regularly flows into the household budget. There have been no financial contributions from the royal family since their retirement as senior royals. Meghan and Harry also bear the costs for their personal security in the United States themselves. However, when visiting England, the topic is a little different. They are no longer entitled to the same police protection as the British royal family*.

Prinz Harry trägt Sakko und Krawatte und schaut verärgert (Symbolbild).


Prince Harry wants more security for himself and his family in Great Britain (symbol image).

Prince Harry threatens to sue: He has ‘inherited a life safety hazard’

As the “Daily Mail” reports, Prince Harry* has threatened to sue the British government if he is not guaranteed sufficient police protection for himself and his family in Great Britain. The Sussexes’ private bodyguards could not ensure their security as well as the police because they did not have the necessary intelligence information. He and Duchess Meghan* would “love to” personally pay for the costs incurred.

Herzogin Meghan und Prinz Harry verlassen ein Gebäude und schauen ernst (Symbolbild).


Will the Sussexes succeed with their claim? (icon picture)

The 37-year-old’s lawyers have already sent a letter to the British Home Office. “Prince Harry inherited a life security hazard at birth. He remains sixth in line to the throne, has served on two tours of duty in Afghanistan and in recent years his family has faced well-documented threats from neo-Nazis and extremists,” the Daily Mail quoted a statement from Harry’s legal representatives as saying. As long as no police protective measures can be taken for him, his wife and children, it is no longer possible for them to come to Great Britain.

If no agreement is reached, the case could end up in the High Court. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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