NewsPrincess Charlotte: With the "ponytail" Prince William reaches his...

Princess Charlotte: With the "ponytail" Prince William reaches his limits with her

While Duchess Kate was on a trip to Copenhagen, Prince William had to take care of his children alone. A hairy task always turns into a nightmare for him.

LONDON – The Duke and Duke of Cambridge are known for paying a lot of attention to their three children. Despite their royal titles, they want to give them as normal an upbringing as possible. During a solo trip to Duchess Kate (40), Prince William (39) was recently confronted with unusual tasks. He has since spoken out about his second eldest child, Princess Charlotte (6).*

Princess Charlotte: With the “ponytail” Prince William reaches his limits with her

Prince William* reports that there is “a completely different dynamic” with his daughter. That was due to the fact that he himself had no sister. When Duchess Kate takes a solo appointment like now in Denmark*, William takes care of the children alone. As early as 2016, the father of three revealed that he was struggling with being a father and the changes in his life that came with it, describing the transition as “life-changing”. The Cambridges seem to have put a lot of thought into the upbringing of their children.*

William streicht Charlotte beim Gang über den roten Teppich übers Haar (Symbolbild).


When it comes to the hairstyle, Princess Charlotte apparently trusts her mother Duchess Kate more than Prince William (symbol image).

Prince George* (8) is sometimes a real little rascal who keeps him on his toes, but he is a dear boy, said the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II* (95) about his eldest son. Despite all the differences to being single, William no longer wants to do without his life alongside Duchess Kate* with her three mini royals: “I love my children very much, I learned a lot about myself and about the family when I had my own children had,” he confesses.

Princess Charlotte: Also enjoys public displays of affection

The Cambridges have received high praise from psychologists for their public affection for their children. Both Kate and William laugh, also cuddle in public with their children, holding their hands. When the parents are at appointments, the Cambridges have come up with a sweet ritual for their offspring*. Only a generation later, this behavior was frowned upon.

Dannielle Haig, a senior psychologist, shares her assessment in the Express: “Being kept at a distance and not receiving affection as a child can have all sorts of negative effects on a child’s psyche and emotional life.”

On a trip to Blackpool in 2019, Prince William revealed his blind spot in conversation with another father. The other dad admitted he had trouble doing his daughter’s hair. Prince William replied: “Never try to tie a ponytail! A nightmare.” * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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