NewsPrincess Diana: Previously unknown photo enchants the fans

Princess Diana: Previously unknown photo enchants the fans

Seeing this unique portrait, fans go into raptures: the British palace has shared an unseen photo of Princess Diana.

London – Princess Diana (36, † 1997) was loved by photographers and fans alike during her lifetime. As the most photographed woman in the world, she was followed at every step by the paparazzi, and the pictures of her went around the world even then. Even decades later, the memories of the Queen of Hearts have not faded, as reported by*.

Princess Diana: Previously unknown photo enchants the fans

Previously unseen photos of Lady Di are rare finds that don’t appear often, but Kensington Palace has unearthed such a treasure. The exhibition “Life Through A Royal Lens”* (English: “Life through a royal lens”) shows very different shots of the British royal family*. Included are, among other things, snapshots of fans, pictures from the Royals’ private albums and iconic photographs of well-known names such as Annie Leibovitz (72) or Cecil Beaton (76, † 1980). The recording of Princess Diana*, which is being publicly exhibited for the first time, also falls into the latter category.

Prinzessin Diana trägt einen weißen Hut und lächelt herzlich (Symbolbild).


Princess Diana shows herself in a previously unseen photo from an unfamiliar side (symbol image).

In 1988, British photographer David Bailey (84) photographed 27-year-old Diana for the National Portrait Gallery. The portrait in black and white has not lost its magic to this day and impresses with its restrained elegance. The then wife of Prince Charles* (73) and Crown Princess of Great Britain wears a one-shoulder dress, hanging earrings and looks to the side, her pose is reminiscent of the timeless birthday photos of Duchess Kate* (40).

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Princess Diana: This is behind her choice of photographer

David Bailey has already had actors, models and musicians in front of his lens, and the star photographer has also photographed Queen Elizabeth II.* (95). As the palace reveals in the caption to the Instagram post, Diana is said to have deliberately chosen Bailey at the time, whose “bold, minimalist style reflected her desire to establish a new photographic identity for herself.”

The unidentified photo of Princess Diana sparked pure enthusiasm among fans, who described it as a “portrait of strength and grace” and “simply breathtaking”. The picture can be admired in the rooms of Kensington Palace* in London until the end of October. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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