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Problems on board: Lufthansa plane has to turn around shortly before landing

A Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt Airport to Nigeria is suddenly diverted. The plane finally lands in Rome. The airline comments on the incident.

Frankfurt – Hundreds of flights all over the world depart from Frankfurt Airport* every day. Most of the time, the journey goes without incident and the passengers arrive at their destination rested after a while. That was also the plan for a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt* in the direction of the Nigerian metropolis of Port Harcourt. But instead the plane landed in Rome.

Lufthansa flight LH594 took off from Frankfurt Airport as scheduled on Friday morning (January 14, 2022) and was finally due to reach Port Harcourt with a stopover in the Nigerian capital Abuja. But things turned out differently. Because before landing in Abuja, the machine suddenly turned around.

Flight from Frankfurt Airport to Nigeria: Lufthansa plane is diverted

According to, a stewardess who was on board the plane also informed her Instagram channel about an unscheduled change in the flight plan. So the plane was diverted and finally landed in Rome. What happened?

About a day after the Lufthansa flight was diverted, the stewardess partially commented on the background. So they had to turn back via Africa “for security reasons”. Because there was no longer enough fuel available, the machine did not return to Frankfurt or, as initially planned, to Munich. Instead, the plane landed in Rome.

After takeoff from Frankfurt Airport: Lufthansa plane lands in Rome – these are the reasons

A company spokesman for Lufthansa confirmed on request that the plane had to be diverted on the way to Abuja. For example, a communication system failed on flight LH594 from Frankfurt to Abuja, the spokesman said.

company Lufthansa AG
Headquarters Cologne
sales volume EUR 36.42 billion (2019)
subsidiaries (among others) Swiss, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines

“Because of the failure, the crew decided to go to Rome. The selection of Rome as the alternate airport was based on maintenance and fuel issues. The safety of passengers and crew is always a top priority for Lufthansa,” the company said. (svw)

Incidents on flights happen again and again. At Frankfurt Airport, for example, a Condor pilot suddenly had to interrupt his flight* to Gran Canaria. The airline also commented on the incident here. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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