NewsPublisher: Kerkelings Katzenbuch sold more than 250,000 times

Publisher: Kerkelings Katzenbuch sold more than 250,000 times

Entertainer Hape Kerkeling is one of Germany’s most popular celebrities and most successful non-fiction authors. His new book “Paws from the table!” Is also a hit.

Munich / Bonn – TV favorite Hape Kerkeling fulfills with his new book “Pfoten vom Tisch! My cats, other cats and I “probably all expectations.

“We have sold 250,000 copies since the book was published,” said the spokeswoman for Piper Verlag in Munich of the German Press Agency. Since it was published a month and a half ago, the book has been number one on the bestseller lists.

Kerkeling, who lives with his husband mainly in Bonn and likes to stay in Italy, has dedicated the cat book to the house tigers of his life so far, including Peterle, Samson, Spock and Anne. “Paws from the table” is a mixture of biography with anecdotes, entertainingly presented cat knowledge and tips.

Better cats than epidemiological discourses

In the ARD talk show “Maischberger – Die Woche”, Kerkeling recently said that during the pandemic he stopped watching television because there was only discourse from epidemiologists and ethicists, “and who had to act like that – me see it too, but I think it was a bit too much ”. “And so I wanted to devote myself to a completely different topic and enter the universe of cats.”

According to the entertainer at Sandra Maischberger, he believes that “cats help us to become better people, maybe even more compassionate people, maybe even more solidarity, which is what we urgently need at the moment”.

The TV station Vox wants to broadcast a reading with excerpts from the book in the fall. In addition, a documentary series “Hape and the 7 dwarf states” is planned, in which Kerkeling introduces small European countries such as Andorra, Liechtenstein and Monaco.

On the Camino de Santiago

20 years ago – in the summer of 2001 – Kerkeling, who had previously become popular on television (“Totally normal”, “Club Las Piranjas”, “The world laughs”) and cinema (“No pardon”), made a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. Five years later, the self-discovery book “I’ll be gone” appeared about it and sold more than five million copies. In the history of the non-fiction bestseller, the work is still in the top category next to “We children from the Zoo station”.

Most recently, Kerkeling’s childhood memories “The boy needs to get some fresh air” touched many people as a book (2014). Among other things, it deals with his mother’s suicide. The film adaptation of Caroline Link with Julius Weckauf in the lead role attracted around four million visitors to the cinema after Christmas 2018. dpa

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TV favorite Hape Kerkeling is one of Germany's most successful non-fiction authors. Now his cat content is on the bestseller list: the cat book “Paws from the table!”.