NewsRare film footage of a stalking wolf chasing deer...

Rare film footage of a stalking wolf chasing deer in the Black Forest

A hunter succeeded in filming a wolf hunting in Baden-Württemberg. The video about stalking a deer on the Feldberg shows remarkable scenes.

Feldberg – It's only a little over a minute that the video lasts. The scenes that a hunter filmed on the Feldberg, however, are likely to be the first that a person has observed in the local area in the wild for more than 150 years. The clip that ForstBW uploaded to its own YouTube channel shows a wolf hunting a deer. As BW24 * reports, the hunter filmed the unique video in the Black Forest.

It is not the first wolf to be spotted in the region. Last year a wolf was discovered near Freiburg ( BW24 * reported). * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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