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Ready for the World Cup? This is Rappi and Didi Food's plan for Qatar 2022

The Qatar World Cup will be atypical in many ways, both because of the date on which it is taking place, and how many users have prepared themselves to be ready for this event. For example, some fans have sought to have their Panini albums ready even before knowing who will be the world champion, looking for the stickers via delivery .

Another aspect that will also be different in this World Cup is the popularity of delivery applications and the offers they are having. According to data from the Mexican Association of Online Sales, 83% of Mexican Internet users use a delivery app.

Faced with this new form of consumption, delivery applications in the country are preparing to have special offers and products. In the case of Rappi, Mateo Losada, CMO of Rappi Mexico, points out that they are looking for users to have everything ready to support the National Team and that means even having the option to buy the Tri shirt.

“According to a Quiddity study, 80% of Mexicans plan to watch the games at home, there Rappi will be an ally for World Cup experiences, and they will not lack anything. In fact, all fans can buy exclusive World Cup clothing to support the National Team through the My Selection Store in Rappi ”, Losada affirmed.

Among the previous activities that the brand of Colombian origin is having is the raffle for trips to Qatar, the delivery of autographed National Team shirts by the players who will represent Mexico, in addition to the option of selling the Panini album and the prints that are part of it.

What buying trends do you foresee?

“Due to the greater number of hours in which the games will be played, surely the highest demand peaks will be in the morning and lunch hours. In that order of ideas, we have been working with allies that offer breakfast and lunch so that fans do not miss minutes of the games while they prepare their food”, Losada pointed out.

Who also estimates that the use of Rappi Turbo will grow because many users will be able to ask for this modality and organize watching the games from their office or home.

For its part, Didi Food points out that it will seek to have food available at any time.

“We want an affordable offer that adapts to the needs of all people and all pockets, promoting the democratization of services through digital platforms,” said the company, on this subject.

In addition to restaurants, another bet that delivery apps have is focused on the food and beverage part of partners in supermarkets. Food delivery billed more than 2,100 million dollars in 2021, according to Statista Digital Market. During the World Cup you can see the purchase of this type of supply online for offices and homes.

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