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Record videos while doing sports

hawkeye Whether your thing is skiing or you usually practice snowboarding, you are fond of climbing, or kitesurfing, these sunglasses interest you. NU and Naical have updated their camera glasses designed to record videos or take photos while doing sports . They are called Hawkeye and have an internal memory of 4 GB and capacity to play music in mp3 format , which can be heard thanks to their built-in headphones.

With this “gadget” you can record up to 2 hours of video and hundreds of photos at a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels . In addition, they retain “all the characteristics and quality of common sunglasses,” say the companies. Thanks to its remote control – which can be hung anywhere, like a keychain – it is not necessary to carry the camera in your hand, or even to bring your fingers to the device.

According to their creators, the glasses are intended for those fans of outdoor activities such as hiking, medium and high mountains, and sports such as trekking, jogging, skydiving, mountaineering … Hawkeye glasses can be purchased on the Naical website at a price of 139 euros.

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