Tech UPTechnologyWas Severo Ochoa a great athlete?

Was Severo Ochoa a great athlete?

Severo Ochoa de Albornoz (1905-1993) who was honored with the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine (in 1959) together with his disciple Arthur Kornberg (whose son Roger David Kornberg won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006), felt great love of athletics . Although he did not practice it as much as he would like, he was a follower of it. He even said that one of his unfulfilled dreams was to have participated in the Olympics.

Scientists not very athletic

Not all scientists are sports lovers. In contrast, geniuses like the father of science fiction and professor of biochemistry, Isaac Asimov, not only hated sports but did not even know how to ride a bicycle. He also suffered from agoraphobia, so his fear of open or uncovered spaces led him to spend a lot of time in rooms without windows.

Slaves and Disabled: Forced Medical Test Volunteers

The main problem to carry out medical research is to have willing volunteers for it. And if they come out for free, much better. This is the story of unethical behavior in medical research.

How are lightning created?

Summer is synonymous with sun, but also with storms. Who has not contemplated one from the protection that the home gives that electrical display that is lightning?

How global warming will affect astronomy

Astronomical observations around the world will worsen in quality as a result of climate change, according to a new study.

New images of Saturn's rings in stunning detail

New images of Saturn's rings in stunning detail

NASA discovers more than 50 areas that emit exorbitant levels of greenhouse gases

NASA's 'EMIT' spectrometer locates has targeted Central Asia, the Middle East and the US among others.