NewsRelaxed entry rules: Medvedev invites Scholz critics to Russia

Relaxed entry rules: Medvedev invites Scholz critics to Russia

Nancy Faeser recently announced that critics of Russia should come to Germany. Now, of all places, Russia is making an offer to Scholz critics.

Moscow – The Ukraine war has been raging for more than three months now. People in Russia also have to fear for their freedom. Anyone who mentions the word war in connection with Ukraine faces draconian penalties and up to 15 years in prison. Many have therefore already left their homeland for the European Union.

According to the federal government, people who are particularly at risk should therefore be given priority. “Russia’s increasingly brutal aggression against Ukraine is being accompanied by ever-increasing internal repression, especially against the press, against human rights activists and members of the opposition,” said Interior Minister Nancy Faeser recently.

Russia’s former President Medvedev makes an offer to Scholz’s critics

According to Faeser, this should apply above all to journalists. So far, however, only 16 people from Russia are said to have been admitted. The RBB and the Berliner Zeitung had reported on this. Now Dmitri Medvedev, former President of Russia, has also made an offer to German citizens on Telegram. “Germans who criticize Olaf Scholz or the federal government” could in future be given priority when entering Russia. They want to relax the entry regulations for this.

Conversely, Russians could leave their homeland behind. “In other words, to those who oppose their country and want it defeated. Now […] let them go to the Germans as soon as possible,” wrote Russia’s former president. Medvedev also threatened to attack “decision centers” if Ukraine used weapons supplied to them.

Ukraine war: Russia is now on the defensive

But the Kremlin is now on the defensive. The attacks falter. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, almost 31,000 soldiers of the Russian army have been killed.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said recently that Vladimir Putin had already missed his war goals. The Russian President can no longer win anything. In addition, the country is now globally isolated. 100 days after the start of the invasion, Russia is threatened with economic decline. (mse)

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