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Review: Android 13, this is what Google's new operating system looks like

Android updates are one of the big events of the year for users who prefer this operating system, and for a few days the version of Android 13 has been available for users who have their Pixel line.

Among the main changes are some in the area of security and privacy. The new version makes the permission given by the user to access fine location notifications more visible, so many developers are already creating strategies to prevent their apps from having an operation error due to these permissions.

When does Android 13 come out for the general public?

Android 13 is available only for a limited number of phones: specifically Google’s Pixel line. explains that the update is scheduled for other Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus, realme, vivo, Xiaomi and others, sometime later in 2022.

If you have a Pixel phone, all you have to do is verify that the new version is available by going to Settings > System and clicking on System selection. If it is already available, you can download the new version.

News and what Android 13 looks like

In the case of the Pixel 6 this process took about 7 minutes to complete and immediately restarted. And as it happens with each update, the first thing that the phone screen presented were the changes in interface and photography that it has.

One of the most anticipated updates is Material You, which promised to customize non-Google apps to match your wallpaper and colors, making your home screen more personalized. Although some phones already had this tool, such as the Galaxy S22 family, much more is defined in this update.

Another of the functions that caught our attention was having the languages that you prefer for each app. This showed a lot of promise during beta, but unfortunately falls a bit flat at launch. Only apps that support language selection can be customized in this way, and based on our tests, this is quite limited because developers haven’t yet updated their apps with the new OS.

One of the functions that I liked the most was that of sharing only the selected photos, that is, when an application asks you for permission to access your photos, you can now select the folders that you want to share, which will give more control to your privacy. However, as it happens with languages, there are still several apps that do not have the function enabled.

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