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Review: Galaxy Buds2 Pro, big power but focused on Samsung

Samsung announced the , the first headphones compatible with 24-bit audio, a reference that does make a difference with respect to other equipment on the market, but that you will notice especially when listening to music on a plane.

As a quick review, the new Samsung headphones sound great, they capture sounds that I had not been able to hear with other headphones, however, they sound better if you are a Galaxy user.

I was testing the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro on two devices: the first on a Galaxy Z Flip 4 and on a Motorola Edge 30, although the headphones performed great on both devices, the Samsung ecosystem shows, as they are easier to configure .

What did we like?

Compared to the previous generation, Samsung’s latest headphones are quite similar, but it shows that they listened and read reviews from various media, where they focused their efforts on improving their ergonomics, so they are more comfortable than the previous family.

Its new shape and contour adapts much better to the ear. I can’t say these are the most comfortable headphones on the market, but I can wear them for a couple of hours before I feel any real discomfort.

In addition, the feeling of emptiness that the previous generation headphones had is no longer there, which gives several points for this new equipment. I also liked the new colors and that the battery capacity, in conjunction with the software of the buds, have improved their performance.

The case is quite practical and has a USB-C input for charging, which allows both the headphones and a Galaxy series smartphone to be charged with a single cable.

What did we not like?

One of the complaints that exists in equipment such as AirPods is how closed its ecosystem is, something that Samsung presumes to have and that it achieves, but partially. Precisely one of my complaints was how difficult it was to connect this pair of headphones with the MacBook Air that I use to work, but also in the experience that I had in the Motorola Edge 30, because the use that I had with Galaxy was notably better.

This means that if you are a user of another brand you will have certain problems to pair them, but above all to configure them, so I rather suggest that those who wish to renew their Galaxy Buds Pro will have a pleasant surprise, but only if you have a team of the brand .

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