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Review: Splatoon 3, the game that takes the franchise to its peak

With two installments behind, Nintendo decided to launch another edition of its popular and frenetic Splatoon franchise, which managed to innovate certain elements to improve on its predecessors and that newer users will enjoy to a greater extent.

The story of this game is not complex, although it is deeper than the previous two titles. Upon starting, the user takes the role of an inkling (a kind of anthropomorphic octopus) who travels to the region of Tintelia. In that city is where the story for a single player takes place, which narrates the emergence of an element that puts the lives of the characters at risk.

While Splatoon has a deep backstory, this is the first time a story has been dealt with in such a direct way, and more importantly, it has an effect on the game, as it also works as a great tutorial to learn how to use Splatoon. the tools and mechanics for combat.

Territorial combat also takes place in Tintelia, which consists of covering most of the stage with your color’s ink -and allows you to level up-, as well as competitive modes, that is, the most important and demanding part of the title.

Colorful scenes

Splatoon 3 is one of the most frenetic games on Nintendo Switch and although it might be thought that so many elements happening at the same time could be problematic for the console, the reality is that the device responds without major problems and maintains a completely stable experience.

Regarding the aesthetic section, the abandoned industrial levels provide a great setting for the game; however, they have a problem and that is the lack of variety, since there are only 10. Of course, they have a renewed design that motivates the direct fight between the participants on the strategy.

The game is too absorbing and the fact that it is oriented towards online competitive modes gives it multiple layers of replayability, that is, it is not tied to a story, but rather to the users’ desire to win more battles and improve their skills. .

On the other hand, the customization of the characters is not only focused on how they can be seen, since the decisions that the player makes regarding accessories can also influence their performance on the battlefield, where the user’s abilities are now worth a lot. more than teamwork.

Splatoon Pinnacle

Since its launch on Wii U, the Splatoon franchise has played an important role for Nintendo and it shows in the constant updates the game receives to keep it alive. The clearest example of this is the Splatfest, online events where players must defend their side by winning various battles during certain periods.

Although its content is already relevant in this first stage of its launch, it is a long-term game that is enjoyed to a greater extent from the beginning, because it takes advantage of online events and updates that will last, at least , a couple of years.

Splatoon 3, then, is the high point for a franchise that debuted eight years ago. It builds on what the series built in a couple of previous games and adds variety to its game modes, weapons, and gear.

However, this could be a point against it, since although it is an evolution, it could be said that it has already reached its peak and it is difficult to overcome it in the next installments, if they exist.

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