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Russia against Zuckerberg? Meta en is included in the list of "terrorist and extremist" organizations

Russia has officially classified the US giant Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, as a " terrorist and extremist " organization, paving the way for lawsuits against its users.

Meta was included in the list of "terrorist and extremist" organizations of the Russian financial surveillance service, the AFP news agency found on the portal of that government body on Tuesday.

Users cannot access Meta social networks

In March, a Russian court had declared Meta "extremist" and its two main social networks, Instagram and Facebook, blocked in Russia.

On March 10, Meta announced that platforms could allow posts that included messages such as "death to Russian invaders" but not credible threats against civilians, though it later clarified that this would only apply to users posting from Ukraine.

Since March, Internet users have not been able to access Instagram or Facebook from Russia, which is why many in that country use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access social networks.

Instagram is very popular in Russia and used to be a key platform for advertising and sales.

Billions of people use Meta apps around the world.

The Russian body's decision places the US company on the same level as far-right nationalist groups, foreign terrorist organizations and opposition groups from Russia.

The mobilization that provoked the discontent of the Russian population ends

The defense minister says that 300,00 people have been recruited to go to fight in Ukraine, although most are still undergoing training.

Meta Platforms stock falls to 6-year low on metaverse spending

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram lost about $89.204 million in market value to the Metaverse.

The metaverse does not take off and Meta shares fall 14%

Reality Labs, the division focused on developing lenses and software for the metaverse, lost $36.7 billion.

Dirty bomb: Russia tests its nuclear response

The exercises, overseen by President Vladimir Putin, include test launches of nuclear-capable cruise and ballistic missiles.

"Dirty bomb": Ukraine accuses Russia of planning to detonate a bomb and accuse them...

Russia accuses Ukraine of seeking to detonate a "dirty bomb" on its own territory to accuse Moscow, something that both kyiv and the West reject.