NewsRussian celebrities distance themselves from Putin's war

Russian celebrities distance themselves from Putin's war

No to the war against Ukraine: Russian celebrities and cultural figures take a clear stand against their president.

Moscow – Numerous prominent Russians have used sharp words against their country’s attack on Ukraine.

“The war against Ukraine started by Russia is a disgrace. This is our shame, but unfortunately the responsibility for it will still have to be borne by our children, a very young generation and Russians who are not yet born,” read a statement signed by writers, filmmakers and other artists, as well as media representatives.

“We don’t want our children to live in an aggressor state,” says the letter, which was signed by actress Chulpan Khamatova and writer Dmitri Bykov, among others. Russia invaded an independent neighboring state. “We call on all citizens of Russia to say no to this war.” They did not believe Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin’s claims that the Ukrainian people were headed by Nazis from whom the people had to be liberated.

“We demand an end to this war.” The independent Ukraine does not pose a threat to Russia or any other state. The author Lyudmila Ulitzkaja, who is also widely read in Germany, wrote: “This is a political crime that will later be described as such in history books .” The fact that the war was beginning after decades of peace was a catastrophe for all of humanity.

“As sad as it may be – such tense times are always very fruitful for culture, it always revives when need arises. Culture may provide an answer over time,” Ulitskaya wrote. “It would be better to have a sluggish culture and a reasonably quiet life without war. Unfortunately, those in power will not offer us the luxury.”

Don’t expect open protests in Russian society. “Our society is in the deepest state of apathy, dejection and fear.” The power apparatus suppresses every form of protest. Popular Russian presenter Ivan Urgant emotionally said “Fear and pain. No to war”. His popular evening show on state television was canceled for Friday night. dpa

The mobilization that provoked the discontent of the Russian population ends

The defense minister says that 300,00 people have been recruited to go to fight in Ukraine, although most are still undergoing training.

Dirty bomb: Russia tests its nuclear response

The exercises, overseen by President Vladimir Putin, include test launches of nuclear-capable cruise and ballistic missiles.

"Dirty bomb": Ukraine accuses Russia of planning to detonate a bomb and accuse them...

Russia accuses Ukraine of seeking to detonate a "dirty bomb" on its own territory to accuse Moscow, something that both kyiv and the West reject.

Thousands of Russians are fleeing to Finland, which is why this country is already...

The structure would protect areas identified as a potential risk of large-scale migration from Russia.

Curfews, limit movements: Putin imposes martial law in these Ukrainian territories

This measure makes it possible to reinforce the army, apply curfews, limit movements, impose military censorship on telecommunications, prohibit public gatherings, among others.