NewsRussia's Ukraine invasion: Expert warns of "price shock" in...

Russia's Ukraine invasion: Expert warns of "price shock" in Germany

The situation in the Ukraine conflict remains tense. An expert issues a warning in case of a Russian invasion.

Kiev/Moscow/Berlin – According to experts, a Russian invasion of Ukraine would have enormous consequences for consumers in Germany. Clemens Fuest, head of the Ifo Institute in Munich, even assumes a “price shock”. According to the Reuters news agency, Fuest emphasized that oil and gas prices would be hit specifically. “Even if gas supplies were not restricted, there would be a price shock, at least temporarily,” said the expert.

According to its own statements, the Ifo Institute is expecting an inflation rate of four percent in 2022, probably the highest value since 1993. “Should a war break out, it could be even higher,” Fuest warned in an interview. “Should there be a Russian invasion”, the price of oil could rise to up to 120 US dollars, agreed Gabor Vogel, raw materials expert at DZ Bank, to the news portal Fuest.

Ukraine conflict: “The damage to Russia is greater”

Surprisingly, the Ifo Institute sees no one-sided dependency in the Ukraine conflict*. Germany needs the Russian gas, but Russia* also needs the money from Europe. “The damage to Russia is greater,” said Lisandra Flach from the Reuters news agency.

Putin’s pipelines

Gazprom’s power in the Ukraine conflict*

According to Flach, a delivery stop by Russia is relatively unlikely. The EU can also get gas from other sources, such as LPG via shipping. According to the expert, it is important that Germany builds infrastructure for alternative gas procurement in the future. (tu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

The mobilization that provoked the discontent of the Russian population ends

The defense minister says that 300,00 people have been recruited to go to fight in Ukraine, although most are still undergoing training.

Dirty bomb: Russia tests its nuclear response

The exercises, overseen by President Vladimir Putin, include test launches of nuclear-capable cruise and ballistic missiles.

"Dirty bomb": Ukraine accuses Russia of planning to detonate a bomb and accuse them...

Russia accuses Ukraine of seeking to detonate a "dirty bomb" on its own territory to accuse Moscow, something that both kyiv and the West reject.

Thousands of Russians are fleeing to Finland, which is why this country is already...

The structure would protect areas identified as a potential risk of large-scale migration from Russia.

Curfews, limit movements: Putin imposes martial law in these Ukrainian territories

This measure makes it possible to reinforce the army, apply curfews, limit movements, impose military censorship on telecommunications, prohibit public gatherings, among others.