FunAstrologyRyan Reynolds announces a break from the film business

Ryan Reynolds announces a break from the film business

Football and gin instead of cinema: Hollywood star Reynolds wants to retire as an actor in the coming year. But he has some other projects that he wants to dedicate himself to.

London – Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds (45, “Free Guy”) wants to take a break from acting next year to concentrate on football and gin.

“I’m taking a break from filmmaking,” the Canadian announced in an interview with the British newspaper “Times”. “For the next year I want to take care of my business, including Wrexham AFC.” He recently took over the Welsh football club, which plays in England’s fifth division, with fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

Entrepreneurs instead of actors

“I wouldn’t mind if I was called an entrepreneur rather than an actor,” said Reynolds, who also owns a gin maker. “I know I didn’t make anything up. I participate in things that are already excellent. Wrexham was great before I came. “

He took over the gin company because he likes to drink gin himself, reported Reynolds, whose best-known roles include the comic anti-hero Deadpool. “Deadpool prefers to drink tequila because he’s avowed proll and would drink anything with a worm in it,” joked Reynolds. “For me it is more important what I have in my mouth.”

The actor, who can currently be seen with the action hit “Red Notice” alongside his co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot in the cinema and on the streaming service Netflix, suspects that his chances of a vacant dream role are dwindling. “I heard they were looking for a new James Bond,” he joked. “Can you accept a Canadian who prefers to sip gin and tonic than martini? If so, I would be interested. ”Dpa

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