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S-Bahn accident near Munich: one fatality – several seriously injured – eyewitnesses report

Two S-Bahn trains collided in the Munich district. The accident happened around 4:40 p.m. There is one dead and several seriously injured.

  • S-Bahn accident near Munich: Two S-Bahn trains collided near Schäftlarn (Munich district).
  • The investigations into the cause of the accident are in full swing, a report from the Bild newspaper was denied by the police (see update at 2:39 p.m.).
  • Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter has also spoken up in the meantime ( see update at 4:03 p.m.) .

Update 4:03 p.m .: After the S-Bahn accident, there is now a statement from Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD). He was testing a route expansion on the single-track line near Schäftlarn. “Of course, the causes of this tragic collision must now be investigated very carefully and everything must be done to prevent similar accidents in the future,” said Reiter on Tuesday.

“A two-track expansion of this, but also of all other routes in the S-Bahn network, must be urgently examined.” His thoughts are with the victims and their families. “The accident changed their lives dramatically from one moment to the next.” He wished the injured a speedy and complete recovery.

Update 3:42 p.m .: District Fire Councilor Harald Stoiber (45) also spoke to the Munich Merkur about the train accident in Schäftlarn. He led the operation at the scene of the accident. From his point of view, there is no initial knowledge of the cause of the accident. “We don’t have any expertise for that and that’s also semi-interesting for us. Our focus was on rescuing the patient quickly, and we were extremely successful in this, as the time window shows – after just thirty minutes we had freed the last people from the debris of the train,” says Stoiber.

Train accident in Schäftlarn: fire brigade reports on use

The district fire council reports on the operation in Schäftlarn. “Of course, the first sight is depressing and frightening. But that’s what we train for, that’s our daily bread: to function under adrenaline in such extreme situations. The first task was to find an access route on the embankment, in this case using scaling ladders, despite the difficult terrain with a steep incline. This is also a standard procedure in the fire brigade.”

However, Stoiber also emphasizes: “But an operation like this is not standard. When bloodied and traumatized people stagger out of the carriages: Such moments cannot be taught.” The same applies to the keyword mental stress. “Nobody can prepare for that on an evening like in Schäftlarn,” said the district fire councilor. “So it’s about exuding calm and transmitting it from the back to the front, from experienced to young responders. But when the tension of the action is gone, then the emotions come – these impressive images of the force, dynamics and kinetics of shredded railway wagons, nobody can put up with them. After the end of the assignment, I went through the ranks of my colleagues, spoke to many, and took stock.”

Update 2:39 p.m .: The Munich police headquarters denied the report from the Bild newspaper that “the investigators assume that one of the train drivers drove off despite the red stop signal”. A spokesman made it clear to the tz and the Munich Merkur : “That’s not true.” Rather, the investigations would go in all directions – and thereby illuminate technical causes and possible human error.

Update 1:44 p.m .: The tragic S-Bahn accident triggered an alarm plan in the LMU Clinic in Großhadern. In concrete terms, this means that the hospital has activated its emergency capacities. Within a very short time, nine shock room teams and nine operating rooms were made available in the emergency room. Additional intensive care capacities were also created, some of which were needed. Eight of the 18 injured in Schäftlarn were treated in Großhadern, a spokesman said.

S-Bahn accident near Munich: Clinic activates emergency capacities

The background to this: The clinic was involved as a national trauma center for the Munich-Upper Bavaria South area in this so-called mass casualty incident (abbreviated: MANV), the clinic explained on Tuesday.

The Bavarian Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer spoke again after the accident: “One day after the terrible accident, my thoughts are with the relatives of the passenger who died and with the injured, whom I sincerely wish a speedy recovery . I hope that they do not suffer any permanent damage – this also applies to the soul. People often have such horrible images in their heads for a long time and that’s why I wish everyone that he and she processes it well. The crisis service was on site and everyone was taken care of and it was also ensured that everyone got home safely. My thanks go to all the helpers. At the peak, around 800 emergency services were on site, as I heard from the police. Thank you for your commitment, which will continue over the next few days.”

S-Bahn accident near Munich: Investigations into the cause of the accident are in full swing

Update 1:23 p.m .: The investigation into the cause of the S-Bahn accident is still in full swing. “A technical problem is currently excluded,” said the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann (CSU), to the image . “We continue to investigate in all directions,” confirms a spokesman for the Munich police headquarters when asked by . Whether a technical cause was the trigger for the frontal collision is also being examined, as is the possibility of human error.

Update 11.52 a.m .: After the head-on collision of two S-Bahn trains in the southern district of Munich, the investigations continue on site. These are expected to continue through Tuesday. The S7 railway line between Höllriegelskreuth and Wolfratshausen is still closed. Only when the scene of the accident has been cleared again can DB begin the clean-up and repair work, Deutsche Bahn said in a press release. “It is not yet possible to forecast when the route can be released again,” the letter continues.

S-Bahn accident near Munich: the S7 and B11 railway lines are still closed

The S-Bahn line S 7 in the direction of Wolfratshausen meanwhile runs to Höllriegelskreuth and turns there early.
A rail replacement service with buses between Wolfratshausen and Höllriegelskreuth has been set up – without stopping in Icking. There is a shuttle service with large taxis between Icking and Wolfratshausen.

The federal highway 11 runs along the railway line between Munich and Wolfratshausen. According to BR , this is also blocked until further notice. Only rescue workers and residents are currently allowed through here.

Update 10:52 a.m .: The mayor of Schäftlarn, Christian Fürst (CSU), was deeply affected after the fatal head-on collision between two S-Bahn trains in his community. “Our thoughts are with the relatives of the fatalities and those injured in the train accident in the Schäftlarn community,” he said on Tuesday. The serious accident left him speechless. Thanks are due to the numerous rescue workers who helped as quickly as possible.

The number of seriously injured has meanwhile increased from five to six. In the meantime, the tachographs of the two railcars have also been secured. In addition, several people have already been questioned by the police about the course of the accident, a spokesman said on Tuesday. It was initially unclear who exactly the interrogated persons are and whether the two seriously injured train drivers were among them.

S-Bahn accident near Munich: salvage crane to remove trains

The police spokesman expected a larger recovery crane at the accident site in Schäftlarn, south of Munich, for Tuesday afternoon or afternoon. So far, two cranes have secured the trains, some of which jumped off the tracks. It is still unclear when exactly the salvage will begin.

Update from February 15, 7 a.m.: A total of 18 people were injured in the serious S-Bahn accident on the afternoon of February 14 near Schäftlarn, near Munich. Five of them were seriously injured, said police spokesman Andreas Franken late in the evening. There was also one fatality who, according to police, is said to be a 24-year-old Afghan. 25 people were also treated as outpatients.

At the time of the collision at around 4.40 p.m. in the afternoon, a total of 95 people were on the two trains. Not all of them were able to free themselves from the wagons and had to be rescued by rescue workers. It was difficult to treat the injured because the scene of the accident was on an elevated railway embankment. There the two S-Bahn are wedged together.

After a serious S-Bahn accident near Schäftlarn: the cause of the accident is unclear

The emergency services were on site well into the night. A total of around 680 members of the police, fire brigade, rescue services and technical relief organization were involved. Local companies, such as Igo Ruber’s bakery, also made a contribution and immediately supplied the emergency services with their exhausting work.

How the accident happened is still unclear and must now be determined. Eyewitnesses reported shortly after the accident that the driver had behaved strangely. A tricky situation had already arisen on the single-track section in August. In the event of irregularities on one-way sections, the drivers are dependent on radio communications. There may have been a misunderstanding here. However, further details are still unclear.

S-Bahn accident near Munich: route closed until further notice – Deutsche Bahn sets up a hotline

Due to the collision of the S-Bahn, the section between Höllriegelskreuth and Wolfratshausen is closed until further notice. The S-Bahn line S 7 in the direction of Wolfratshausen runs to Großhesselohe Isar valley station and turns there early. A rail replacement service with taxis between Wolfratshausen and Großhesselohe Isartalbahnhof with all stops along the way has been set up for you. Deutsche Bahn (DB), the operator of the Munich S-Bahn, expressed its regret on Monday and set up a telephone hotline (0800 3 111 111).

First report from February 14th

Munich – The collision of two S-Bahn occurred around 4.40 p.m. near the municipality of Schäftlarn in the Munich district. Two S-Bahn trains collided at Schäftlarn-Ebenhausen station. Police confirm one fatality and a low double-digit number of injuries. The large-scale operation is currently ongoing.

S-Bahn accident near Munich: eyewitnesses report a loud bang

Helicopters circle over the area between Schäftlarn and the Schäftlarn district of Ebenhausen. A large number of rescuers are on duty. A total of around 200 forces should be on site. Kerstin Schreyer (CSU), the Bavarian Minister of Transport, also came. Around 200 rescuers are on duty. A crisis intervention team looks after relatives and emergency services.

S-Bahn-Unglück nahe München: Mitten auf einer Straße in Schäftlarn hat sich die Feuerwehr-Einsatzleitung positioniert.


S-Bahn accident near Munich: The fire brigade command center has positioned itself in the middle of a street in Schäftlarn.

The accident happened in a curve that was difficult to see. According to passenger reports, the S-Bahn coming from Munich had a very strange driving behavior on the route before. She stopped again and again. At Pullach (Munich district) she was already 20 minutes late. She then stopped again at Schäftlarn – then there was a loud bang and the passengers were thrown through the wagons by the impact.

Beim Zusammenstoß von zwei S-Bahnen sind offenbar auch Menschen verletzt worden.


Apparently, people were also injured when two S-Bahn trains collided.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder spoke up: “This is terrible news. We mourn with the relatives and wish all those injured in the S-Bahn accident a speedy recovery. Thanks to all the rescue workers for their quick action,” he wrote on Twitter. “Our deepest sympathy goes to the families of the victims of the accident. We wish the injured a speedy and full recovery,” says Heiko Büttner, head of the Munich S-Bahn.

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