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Santiago Ramón y Cajal will appear on the new 10-euro silver coin

Under the "Santiago Ramón y Cajal Year of Research", which is commemorated in 2022, the Royal National Mint and Stamp Factory will mint a new silver coin with a value of 10 euros starting in November .

The coin carries 925 thousandth silver and copper ; It weighs about 27 grams and has a diameter of 40 millimeters. Although there will still be a few months to acquire it, something that can be done "through entities contracted for this purpose, which will commit to regularly selling them to the public, as well as exporting them," according to the Official State Gazette.

The portrait of the Spanish scientist and doctor Santiago Ramón y Cajal appears on the reverse of the coin, where you can see its value (10 euros) and the inscription 'Santiago Ramón y Cajal Year of Research'. On the obverse, the portrait of His Majesty King Felipe VI will appear to the left with the legend FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA.

The price of this very special coin? 72.60 euros per unit.

Reference: Visual Numismatics

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