NewsSarah Engel's brother-in-law Jendrik broke up with his girlfriend...

Sarah Engel's brother-in-law Jendrik broke up with his girlfriend for "Love Island".

The dome show “Love Island” is currently hot. Jendrick Büscher, in particular, recently started sweating extremely. Because viewers wanted to know from Sarah Engel’s brother-in-law whether he left his girlfriend for the TV format.

Tenerife – Grenade Jendrick Büscher (21) is extremely well received by the “Love Island” girls. But does Sarah Engels’ brother-in-law actually have something to hide? Within a game, viewers want to know whether the 21-year-old left his girlfriend to take part in the dome show.

Game at Love Island makes Sarah Engel’s brother-in-law, Jendrick Büscher, sweat a lot

Since March 21, the new season of the popular dome show “Love Island” has been flickering across the screens. After a number of love-hungry singles felt safe that they had found their perfect flirt partner, Jendrick Büscher shook up the villa as a grenade ten days after the start of the TV show. Because the brother-in-law of DSDS star Sarah Engels seems to be really popular with the women in the group.

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But the 21-year-old currently only has eyes for candidate Inna. There is a great crackling between the two. But a game could turn the love happiness of the two upside down.

Love Island: Jendrick reveals he actually dumped his girlfriend for the dome show

In any case, the game called “Hot Seat” makes Jendrick work up a sweat. The viewers wanted to know from Julian Büscher’s brother if he only left his girlfriend to be able to take part in the TV show. “Good question, but I didn’t leave my ex for the show. That was over before and then I applied here,” he blurts out. But that only seems to be half the truth, as it turns out later.

Because Inna was not satisfied with the 21-year-old’s answer, which is why she asked her chosen one again. and indeed – her uneasy feeling is then confirmed. “It wasn’t that vibrating for a relationship. Then they called me and I thought: Hey, that’s such a small sign for me,” he then admits. Will this honest answer endanger the happiness of the two? We are excited!

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