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"Sarah Kohr": tough investigator, gentle Wiesinger

Kai Wiesinger plays a chemist who is kidnapped. It’s about a deadly war gas. In doing so, Wiesinger thinks a lot about what each of us could contribute to peace.

Hamburg – explosive start to a ZDF crime thriller: working under the highest security precautions in an institute in Hamburg on the destruction of deadly substances.

Sarin gas, for example. A warfare agent developed in the 1930s that can silently, invisibly and odorlessly extinguish life within a few minutes, as happened in the Syrian civil war.

In the sealed off work area, an armed woman succeeds in stealing a cartridge of sarin during a cleverly engineered attack. The lead chemist Dr. Hartmut Diestel (Kai Wiesinger) kidnaps her right away.

The amount of gas is enough for an act of terrorism. Therefore, the hunt for the perpetrators and the cartridge must be quick, but quiet and unnoticed. The public prosecutor Anton Mehringer (Herbert Knaup, “Die Kanzlei”) explains that one does not want to stir up panic or irritate possible free riders. With the highly explosive case, he hires a top investigator – his ex-lover, the tough chief inspector Sarah Kohr (Lisa Maria Potthoff). She soon suspects: In this case, some things are not what they seem at first.

The sixth exciting, tough episode in the “Sarah Kohr” series is titled “Silent Death”. It runs as “TV movie of the week” on Monday at 8:15 pm and has the qualities of a cinema thriller.

And again the secretly emotionally sensitive policewoman shows not only intuition and a razor-sharp mind, but also full physical commitment. Kohr, who, under the direction of Christian Theede and based on the script by Timo Bernd, embodies a modern image of women in the spirit of the times in hazy, cold images, climbs up house walls, penetrates apartments with force, fights with villains until she is out of the Nose and various wounds are bleeding.

Potthoff has specially trained the self-defense technique Krav Maga and does all of her stunts himself. Diestel actor Wiesinger, asked by the German Press Agency about his most important memories of the shooting, answers: “What Lisa Maria is about with her role took the way she let off steam physically, I just found that great. “The star of the actor appreciatively adds about his 43-year-old colleague, mother of two children:” She is someone who likes to push herself to the limit and throw herself in – that was just fun. It’s great how a petite woman acts so full of power. “

But could he imagine falling in love with someone like Kohr? The 55-year-old who has been in a relationship with his colleague Bettina Zimmermann (“A case for two”) for years does not want to reveal that. “We come to areas …”, says Wiesinger with a laugh – and notes: “I’m with my dream woman.”

As usual, the actor had prepared for his part with a lot of factual information. “For me, however, the focus was not on the topic of war gases,” reveals the artist, who lives with his family near Potsdam, “but rather the question of why a person does this or that. How to understand what he’s doing. Because we are all complex and sometimes act completely unexpectedly. “

Like most thrillers, “Sarah Kohr” reflects a world marked by violence. An aspect of existence that Wiesinger, father of three children, goes against the grain. “Of course, it is my greatest ideal that people live together peacefully,” says the actor in an interview with dpa: “I think the smallest and easiest step is tolerance. It’s about listening to people, trying to understand their point of view. And to admit that there are so few things that you know so much about that you can tell others what is right. That would also be the opposite of cancel culture, ”says Wiesinger. This is exactly what he tries to practice on himself every day. dpa

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