NewsSecond boy from Afghanistan dies after mushroom poisoning

Second boy from Afghanistan dies after mushroom poisoning

Despite a liver transplant, a six-year-old boy from Afghanistan died the day after his brother. The family had just been evacuated and made a mushroom soup for themselves.

Warsaw – In Poland, the second child of a family recently brought to safety from Afghanistan has died after mushroom poisoning. The six year old boy’s life could no longer be saved

This was announced by the central children’s hospital in Warsaw. He had received a liver transplant the day before. The boy’s five-year-old brother died on Thursday as a result of the poisoning. A 17 year old girl was discharged from the clinic.

The family had only arrived at a reception center about 30 kilometers south of Warsaw on August 23. According to a report by the news portal “”, Poland had flown the family of twelve out of Kabul at the request of Great Britain, as the father was said to have worked there for the British army.

Poisoning by the green death cap mushroom

One day after their arrival at the reception center, the family went to the wooded area of the camp to collect mushrooms and made a soup from them. According to information from the PAP news agency, the poisoning was caused by green leaf agaric mushrooms. In Germany, too, these highly toxic mushrooms are often confused with edible mushrooms.

A spokesman for the Polish immigration authorities rejected media reports on Friday that the refugees had not been given enough to eat in the accommodation. The day after their arrival, the Afghans received a two-course lunch and provisions. The daily catering consists of three meals.

The public prosecutor is now questioning the workers at the reception center about the course of the accident. She is investigating negligence. dpa

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