NewsSöder confesses his doubts ahead of the Corona summit...

Söder confesses his doubts ahead of the Corona summit on Friday: "I'm a little worried now"

The federal and state governments will meet on Friday to discuss the current corona situation. The day before, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder had doubts.

Munich – Markus Söder * spoke up on the Corona * situation on Thursday morning. The federal-state meeting tomorrow, Friday, will come very early, “because we are still poking around in the fog.” However, further measures must be well founded, but the Expert Council did not make any recommendations. “That has to be clarified now,” said the CSU * boss at Bild Live.

Söder before the federal-state summit: “I’m a little worried now”

In the interview, Söder called for sensible quarantine rules. Three, four or five different ones wouldn’t make sense. Another point is important: “I am now finally expecting a clean aid package for our medium-sized businesses and our economy.” These areas are particularly affected by 2G and 2G plus.

When asked whether Söder did not consider the Corona * summit to be really well prepared, Bavaria’s Prime Minister said: “I’m a little worried now.” means: You need a coordinated template and an assessment from the expert council. He also hoped that another federal body would not say something to the contrary in the middle. Söder was alluding to the RKI’s call for stricter measures before Christmas.

Söder expresses doubts in front of MPK on Friday – “Possibly a few days too early”

Söder did not want to commit himself on this question whether there would be no tightening without a coordinated proposal. “I do not know that. I don’t know what’s coming up as a suggestion. I’m just saying that it has to be well founded, ”he said on Bild Live . The MPK tomorrow was “possibly a few days too early, that’s not a reproach.”

Compulsory vaccination was also a topic in the interview. Is she coming? “I admit, I am also a little insecure,” said Söder. From a legal point of view, everything must be clear. The government must make a proposal as to when, for whom and how it should be implemented. Group proposals are not the right way to do this. Originally March 1st was the date for the mandatory vaccination in the room. But is that realistic? “Very difficult, I can’t imagine that this would have to be adhered to,” said Söder at Bild Live.

Söder worries about the traffic light government’s credibility

He is currently worried about the credibility of the new government. Because surveys would show: trust is falling. “That’s not good at the moment.” You have to communicate clear steps, the CSU boss thinks. (came)

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