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Söder's cabinet opts for further relief – confusion over gastro rules for Bavarian city

There is progress in the Free State: There are openings in regions with low corona numbers. Meanwhile, Markus Söder is consulting his ministers again. The news ticker for Bavaria.

  • Corona * in Bavaria: From this Monday, relaxations will come into force in various regions.
  • Markus Söder also met with the ministers to discuss how to proceed. A press conference followed ( see live ticker from 12.55 p.m. ).
  • Meanwhile, there was confusion about the situation in the city of Weiden – was the outdoor restaurant already open there? ( see update from May 10, 3:35 p.m. )
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from May 10, 3:35 p.m.: With one sentence, Hubert Aiwanger caused some confusion at the press conference. “Thank goodness we have 14 districts today where the outdoor catering can be opened *. Hopefully the city of Munich will also be part of it from Wednesday, ”said the Minister of Economic Affairs ( see live ticker from 1:10 pm ). According to the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care, officially only 13 districts and cities were mentioned on Monday morning that were allowed to open – had Aiwanger miscounted?

No – as has now become known, the reason for the discrepancy in the opening numbers was a formal error by the city of Weiden. Although the city in the Upper Palatinate had already published in its official gazette on Friday (May 7th) that the bar areas, beer and restaurant gardens are allowed to open, it did not appear on the approval list of the Ministry of Health on Monday (May 10th). The problem: According to a spokesman for the city, the Weidener had announced the opening without obtaining the approval of the ministry.

As the spokesman assured, it was an oversight. The application has since been submitted. According to the spokesman, the outdoor catering was still allowed to open. Expect quick approval. Weiden had an incidence below 100 for the 14th consecutive day on Monday.

The first districts are opening beer gardens today – Söder’s cabinet decides to make further relief

Update from May 10th, 1.30 p.m.: Minister of State Florian Herrmann, Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger and Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek commented on the current Corona situation at a press conference ( see live ticker from 12.55 p.m. ). Among other things, it was about the topic of “tourism”. It has now been officially announced that hotels, guest houses, holiday apartments, campsites and youth hostels in Bavarian regions with stable incidence values will be allowed to open from May 21.

There is also relief for amateur musicians. Amateur ensembles, for example bands, music groups, amateur theaters and other groups, are allowed to rehearse together again from May 21st if the corona numbers are stable. That was decided by the Bavarian cabinet. As with other opening steps, the prerequisite is that the seven-day incidence in the respective district or in the relevant urban district is stable below 100. In addition, hygiene concepts are mandatory.

Corona in Bavaria: Counties are opening beer gardens today – “from Wednesday hopefully also Munich”

1:16 p.m.: The official press conference is now over.

1:15 p.m .: Klaus Holetschek is now focusing on the subject of “vaccination”. It is also about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. “It’s a vaccine that needs to be treated in a similar way to Astrazeneca. The big advantage is that only one vaccine is necessary, ”he explains. We are currently discussing the deployment in Bavaria – once again with doctors. The Sputnik V vaccine will also continue to be discussed. “That depends of course on the approval,” said the Minister of Health.

1:10 p.m.: Hubert Aiwanger speaks. “Thank goodness we have 14 districts today where the outdoor catering can be opened. Hopefully the city of Munich will also be part of it from Wednesday, ”he says. It is hoped that the numbers will continue to decline. The joy about tourism openings from May 21st is great. “Where the incidence is below 100 as of May 14th, you can open it,” says Aiwanger. This lead time is necessary for the planning.

Corona in Bavaria: Relaxation now also for amateur musicians – further cultural concepts in planning

1:07 p.m.: Art and culture were also discussed – especially on the subject of amateur music. From May 21, samples will be possible again – “where the incidence is below 100 and with a hygiene concept,” explains Herrmann. Another thing was “taken into account – the aspect of ‘culture in the open air'”. This area could be focused from May 21st. Details will follow in the course of the week.

1:05 p.m.: The situation is getting better day by day – also thanks to the vaccinations. “The measures that we decided on last week are justified,” explains Herrmann. The rules can now be implemented responsibly. Today it was about more points: The federal emergency brake remains. Hotels, apartments and guest houses could be used for the Whitsun holidays from May 21 – with an incidence of less than 100 and with negative tests. Wellness and gastronomy are then also possible for visitors, says Herrmann.

1 p.m .: The press conference begins. Herrmann takes the floor. Fortunately, the corona numbers continued to decline, says the minister. “It gives hope that the situation will ease. But we’re still right in the middle. “

12.55 p.m.: The press conference should start in a few minutes. As the BR reports, the topic of “amateur music” is said to have been discussed at the meeting of the Council of Ministers. It remains to be seen whether further topics have been discussed.

Update from May 10, 12:51 p.m.: The press conference with Herrmann, Aiwanger and Holetschek is due to begin shortly. Are there any further relaxations being announced – or are the existing corona rules being specified? You can find out here from 1 p.m. in the live stream and ticker.

Corona in Bavaria: Council of Ministers with Markus Söder consults – press conference live

Update from May 10th, 12 noon: The meeting of the Council of Ministers with the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder is still ongoing. At 1 p.m., Minister of State Florian Herrmann, Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger and Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek will appear in front of the press and provide information about the latest results. You can see the press conference here in the live stream and live ticker.

What exactly will be discussed in the meeting on this Monday is currently not known. Only consultations on the “consequences of the corona pandemic” were announced in advance.

Corona in Bavaria: Ministry clarifies easing confusion around Munich – PK after Söder meeting

First report from May 10, 10 a.m .: Munich – Falling infection numbers, easing with low incidence and freedom for vaccinated people *: In the Corona crisis, Bavaria seems to be slowly going uphill. Prime Minister Markus Söder was also “cautiously optimistic” at a press conference last week.

In various regions in Bavaria, easing is possible or in prospect. For example, from this Monday (May 10th) outdoor restaurants in the Free State can open until 10 p.m. *. The prerequisite for this is a “stable seven-day incidence below 100” – that is, the incidence must be consistently below 100 for at least five days.

Corona in Bavaria: opening plan for Munich is fixed – the ministry expresses itself

As for the situation in the Bavarian capital of Munich, which currently fulfills the requirement, there was confusion in this regard. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek announced last week that it would take a total of two days to approve and implement openings. Relaxation would therefore be possible in Munich from next Wednesday (May 12). The city itself had initially announced openings for Tuesday (May 11th) – so what’s the truth?

At the request of *, the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care has now expressed itself. “We can confirm that we have given the state capital Munich the approval according to § 27 para. 1 for an opening from Wednesday May 12th , 2021,” it says. And further: “Since the 7-day incidence in the state capital of Munich has only been reported since 05.05. is below 100 in a row, there is agreement for the opening from May 12th, 2021. “

The Ministry refers to the two days in advance that are planned for the implementation of the opening steps. From this Monday, however, 13 other urban and rural districts will be allowed to relax. You can find an overview here *.

Corona in Bavaria: Consultations with Markus Söder are ongoing – press conference announced

Will the confusion surrounding the Bavarian state capital Munich also be a topic at the meeting of the Council of Ministers under the leadership of Prime Minister Markus Söder? On this Monday, the cabinet will meet from 10 a.m. via video – the content should be particularly about the consequences of the corona pandemic. Minister of State Florian Herrmann, Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger and Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek will then speak about the results of the consultations at a press conference. From 1 p.m. you can follow the press conference here in the live stream and live ticker. ( nema ) (* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA).

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