NewsSpain and the Netherlands are corona high incidence areas

Spain and the Netherlands are corona high incidence areas

Anyone who returns to Germany from Spain or the Netherlands and is not fully vaccinated or recovered must be quarantined for ten days from now on. A negative test can shorten this time.

Berlin – Spain and the Netherlands have been classified as corona high incidence areas since midnight. This means that additional requirements apply when entering Germany from there, as the Robert Koch Institute announced.

With the decision, the federal government reacted to a significant increase in the number of infections in both countries.

Anyone who returns to Germany from a high-incidence area and is not fully vaccinated or recovered has to be in quarantine for ten days, but can shorten this with a negative test after five days. Shortly before the decision came into force on Tuesday, very few German tourists ended their vacation on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca prematurely, it said.

The travel industry had criticized the decision of the federal government. According to the travel association DRV, about 200,000 package travelers from Germany went on holiday in Spain last week – about 60 percent of them in the Balearic Islands, 30 percent in the Canaries and the rest on the mainland. In addition, there are an estimated total of around 200,000 individual holidaymakers from Germany in the country. dpa

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