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Spain reaches the medium risk situation with the lowest number of new infections in nine months

Spain launches a situation of medium risk of transmission of the coronavirus, which is reached by falling from 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, by remaining this Tuesday at a figure of 147.5, which is the lowest since March. According to the data released today by the Ministry of Health, the death toll has also stabilized, which for the sixth consecutive day remains below a hundred: there are 70 in the last 24 hours.The pandemic today adds 3,988 new infections, which is the lowest figure in the last nine months, bringing the total number of infected to 3,619,848, while the death toll is 79,502, of which 186 have been registered in the last 7 days. consecutive, Health reports that Castilla-La Mancha has not updated its data today due to maintenance tasks due to a data migration process in its information system. With 1,774 patients due to covid (62 fewer), the occupation in the ucis is of 18%, at levels similar to those of yesterday (six tenths less), while there are 6,568 patients on the ward (25 less), with a hospital pressure of 5.2%, three tenths lower than that of Monday. remain at extreme risk of transmission on (more than 250 cases): Basque Country (279) and Melilla (261), and five with the ucis under high pressure (more than 25% occupancy): Aragon (27.3%), Catalonia (26.8% ), Madrid (37.4%), the Basque Country (29.3%) and La Rioja (28.3%). Downward curve The downward trend of the contagion curve continues, which began on 27 April, which is also reflected in the seven-day cumulative incidence, which drops to 60.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.At high risk (between 150 and 250 cases) are Andalusia (169), Aragon (216.4), Navarra (186.3), La Rioja (164.1), Catalonia (161.4), and Madrid (249, 9) With medium risk (between 50 and 150 cases) there are eight autonomies: Castilla-La Mancha (120.4), Castilla y León (139.3), Galicia (85.8), Canarias (84), Cantabria (114 , 6), Extremadura (78.2), Asturias (69.3) and Murcia (60.8); While at low risk (with less than 50 cases), in addition to the Valencian Community (29.5), there are the Balearic Islands (45.3) and Ceuta (15.1). Of the 186 deaths in the last seven days, 36 they have been in Madrid, 35 in Andalusia; 19 in Castilla y León, 18 in Aragon; 16 in Catalonia and 12 in Galicia. Asturias continues to be the community with the highest fatality in the pandemic (3.8%), followed by Castilla-La Mancha (3.1%), Castilla y León (3%) and Aragón (2.9%). The average fatality rate is 2.2% .In the last 24 hours there have been 944 discharges of covid patients, compared to 621 admissions. Between May 8 and 14, 762,262 diagnostic tests were carried out in Spain, which yielded a positivity of 5.2%.

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