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Spotify update will show, in text, the content of podcasts

The new podcast transcription feature is currently in beta and will begin rolling out to some original and exclusive shows on the platform in the coming weeks.

The music streaming platform Spotify announced new accessibility functions, among which is the transcription of podcasts to text generated automatically and in real time.

The new Spotify transcripts will automatically generate text while the user listens to a podcast program, with or without sound, and will allow them to navigate through the text and press it to directly access a certain part of the content.

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The new podcast transcription feature is currently in beta and will begin to reach some original and exclusive programs on the platform in the coming weeks, Spotify announced in a statement, although the platform’s intention is to extend it to all podcast.

Spotify also mentioned other accessibility features that seek to improve the experience for people with disabilities, such as changes to the color, format and size of the buttons, to make them easier for people with vision problems.

In addition, the application will allow users to further expand the size of the text and improve navigation thanks to the introduction of a new design framework, Dynamic Type. These features can be customized in the platform settings menu for iOS and Android.

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