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Start, variations and closing of the price of the dollar in Colombia today, May 13

The greenback started losing its value, but is still above $ 3,700.

The dollar started the day at $ 3,750 and at this time accumulates a loss of 0.48% and stands at $ 3,732.10. It is worth remembering that the Representative Market Rate (TRM) for this Thursday is $ 3,734.09, according to the Superfinanciera.

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The Colcap index of the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) fell 0.68% after the opening. The most valued shares are Preferencial Aval (0.64%), Grupo de Energía de Bogotá (+0.50%) and Bogotá (+0.03%).

The New York Stock Exchange rebounded slightly this Thursday at the opening, after experiencing three closes in the red since the beginning of the week, in a market that is increasingly concerned about US inflation.

Within minutes of opening, the Dow Jones rose 0.42% to 33,727.14 points, the Nasdaq appreciated 1.19% to 13,186.95 points and the S&P 500 was up 0.67% to 4,090.33 points.

The price of intermediate oil from Texas (WTI) opened this Thursday with a decrease of 2.60%, to US $ 64.36 a barrel, after resuming the activity of the largest network of US oil pipelines and resurgence of concern by India. At 09.04 local time (13.04 GMT), WTI futures contracts for June delivery were down US $ 1.72 from the close of the previous session, when they exceeded US $ 66.

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The exchange rate recorded its fourth day of appreciation and closed at 19.8873 pesos per dollar, its best level since September 12.

The Mexican stock market closes at its best level in six weeks

The sights of local and international investors are focused on the development of the corporate results season corresponding to the third quarter of 2022.

Isn't everything so bad? The peso would show weakening, but not as Moody's indicates

Analysts in Mexico estimate that the peso could find a ceiling at levels of 20.30 units, since there are no serious elements that allow a strong depreciation of the local currency to be perceived.

Last minute: Moody's warns that the Mexican peso will fall to 24 per dollar

The warning comes as Mexico's currency has weathered the "super dollar" phenomenon, which this year has pushed the euro and sterling to record lows.

Wall Street indices rescue rise of more than 2% in the middle of a...

US stocks took a positive turn as some investors are convinced that inflation will soon start trending lower.