NewsStorm in Belgium: Cars washed away and houses evacuated

Storm in Belgium: Cars washed away and houses evacuated

Just over a week after heavy flooding with dozens of deaths, Belgium will be hit by the next storm. Numerous cars were washed away.

Dinant / Namur – In Belgium, when the storm continued over the weekend, numerous cars were washed away and people were brought to safety.

In the city of Namur in the province of the same name, houses were evacuated on Saturday because of the weather and around 30 people were brought to safety, reported the Belga news agency. The city is located around 100 kilometers west of Aachen. Similar to Germany, there was a violent storm with deaths in Belgium about a week and a half ago. According to Friday, 36 people died and people are still missing.

“It is a disaster,” Belga quoted the fire brigade as saying on Saturday evening. There have been numerous calls that you didn’t know where your head was, they said. According to Sunday, there were more than 550 fire brigade operations in Namur.

In the city of Dinant, the waterborne vehicles blocked a level crossing. The rail traffic had already stopped because of the flood in mid-July. Pictures in a report by the public broadcaster RTBF about the storm in the country showed how streets had turned into torrents and rubble lay around. Other photos showed road surfaces torn away and a collapsed house wall.

In addition to Namur and Dinant, other cities and villages were reportedly affected. Among other things, landslides were reported in Walloon Brabant south of Brussels.

In the province of Antwerp in the north of the country, there were also weather-related operations by the fire brigade. According to the information, there were no deaths to complain about. dpa

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