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Stuttgart 21 reaches “the limits of what can be built” with the construction of a special cup

The Stuttgart 21 project is a technical challenge for engineers and workers. With the construction of the 20th chalice support, the “limits of what can be built” have now been reached.

Stuttgart – At 8.2 billion euros, Stuttgart 21 is already twice as expensive as initially calculated. The major project, in which Stuttgart Central Station will be relocated underground, is scheduled for completion in 2025. However, critics are already anticipating that further costs will arise by then and that Stuttgart 21 will cost more than 10 billion euros.
BW24* reveals why the construction of a chalice support is reaching the "limits of what can be built".

For the underground through station, 28 so-called goblet supports are required, which pose a technical challenge to engineers and workers. *BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Opponents of Stuttgart 21 announce complaints against the construction of a depot

The depot, which is to be built as part of Stuttgart 21 in Untertürkheim, could bring some lawsuits from project opponents. A further delay in the construction work seems possible.