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Submarine with almost two tons of cocaine stopped off Colombia

The South American country is considered to be the largest producer of cocaine, which is sold all over the world. Now the Navy has made a big catch off the Pacific coast of Colombia.

Bogotá – A submarine with cocaine worth more than 60 million dollars (around 51 million euros) has been tracked off Colombia.

The Navy intercepted the boat with more than 1.8 tons of cocaine, according to a release Thursday off the Pacific coast of the Nariño Department in the south-west of the country. This prevented the trade in and consumption of more than 4.5 million doses of drugs in countries in the region. When the crew of the boat noticed the security forces, the men jumped into the water and fled to the impassable mangrove area.

Submarines carrying drug deliveries are repeatedly seized on Colombia's coasts. The country is considered to be the largest cocaine producer in the world. dpa

Central America prepares for the impact of Hurricane Julia

Cyclone at may cause "flash floods and landslides" in several countries in the region. It is expected to make landfall in Nicaragua.

After three years, Venezuela and Colombia resume their diplomatic relations

Less than a month after the start of Gustavo Petro's government, both countries appointed new ambassadors and announced the reopening of their embassies.

Spain supports peace talks between the Colombian government and the ELN

Gustavo Petro says that he would love for Spain to be one of the guarantors of the dialogue, while he waits for the counterpart's response to start the negotiations.

And the peace agreements in Colombia? These are Petro's proposals

The new president of Colombia promised to respect the agreements reached with the FARC during the government of Juan Manuel Santos, as well as to start a dialogue with the ELN.

Colombia wants wealth taxes, sugary drinks and processed food

President Gustavo Petro proposes a tax reform to combat tax evasion and avoidance, and obtain revenues of 11,528 million dollars by the year 2026.