NewsSupermarket mistakes happen to many unnoticed - even signs...

Supermarket mistakes happen to many unnoticed – even signs warn against it! "Only now do I realize"

Many people make a big mistake when shopping without realizing it. Cashiers and other customers have been annoyed by this for a long time.

  • Coronavirus notices in supermarkets have been booming for two years.
  • During this time, some signs warned against mishandling the deposit voucher.
  • Not a new phenomenon, says a cashier.

Berlin – An absolute bad habit of many customers has been annoying not only since the beginning of the Corona crisis: Putting deposit vouchers in your mouth is an absolute no-go! Apart from a possible risk of infection – even beyond Corona – it’s just disgusting! That’s why supermarkets keep putting up signs. One ended up photographed in 2020 on the Instagram page “Notes Of Berlin”. It read: “For hygienic reasons, please do not put the deposit vouchers in your mouth. Thank you for your understanding.”

Supermarket error “deposit receipt in the mouth” causes trouble again and again

Some may have gotten into the habit of pinching deposit slips between their lips in order to sort through their remaining belongings. “Sounds really strange, but I think this goes to people who have their hands full and maybe just put their lips in a second,” says one user.

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You’re not allowed to do anything anymore. 🤤 Friedrichstrasse | Middle via Max thx! #notesofberlin

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And indeed, many feel caught. “Oh misto, I did that a lot so as not to forget them,” writes one user. “Haha I thought I was alone,” says another. And someone else writes: “Me too, but I only realized that now.”

In any case, the photo always reaps a few jokes: “The freedom to eat is endangered!” It says. “Don’t even touch the touch screen with your tongue?” jokes another.

And then you notice the “problem” with it: If you enter a supermarket properly with a face mask, you won’t be tempted to put the deposit slip between your lips anyway. “It’s also difficult with the mask in front of your mouth.”

Supermarket mistake “deposit receipt in the mouth” – many probably still commit it

It’s not the first sign of this type to be spotted in a supermarket. “I’m screaming … Every sign is a story,” said a Twitter user about the photo above, for example. And promptly a person who claims to have worked as a cashier for a long time speaks up. “I cashed in at Kaiser’s in Berlin for several years. Yes: the token is often put in the mouth; especially when both hands are needed to rummage through your wallet. And of course the classic: lick your fingers to take out individual bills.” A supermarket customer says: “I know, I’ve always been disgusted when I’ve seen something like that.”

The anger about the deposit receipt in the mouth was by no means just a phenomenon from the beginning of the Corona crisis. According to a woman from Wuppertal, a sign like this has been hanging on her deposit machine for years. And: “How lost do you have to be to put a deposit voucher in your mouth? What’s wrong with that?” wrote one user in June 2021. Also on January 22, one of them vented about this and related nasties in the supermarket on Twitter. Maybe the signs and the appeals will help to put an end to bad habits. A shopping list discovered in a Kaufland causes widespread astonishment. ( lin) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Headline list image: © Twitter

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