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SUV drivers face fines when driving on the autobahn – many are clueless

Large SUVs have long since ceased to drive only on American roads. The SUVs are also popular in Germany. But SUV drivers face a fine on highways.

Stuttgart – Either you love them or you hate them: SUVs often arouse divided opinions. But there is a clear trend towards the big cars. More and more of the SUVs are registered in Germany every year. In the state capital Stuttgart * you can see more and more SUVs rolling through the streets. But not every model is well received. For example, Daimler withdrew a flop SUV before the start * (BW24 reported). The electric SUV EQC became a slow seller.

But no matter which car brand the SUV ultimately comes from – owners should be careful because they face a fine on German autobahns. But not just them: Tesla drivers are also affected by the penalties.

SUVs harbor an unexpected risk: fines are payable

There are more and more on the streets: As Auto Motor Sport reports, 97,236 SUVs and off-road vehicles were registered in Germany in June of this year – out of a total of 274,152 new car registrations. That makes a market share of 35 percent. Daimler AG * jumped on this trend and most recently invented a completely new class of car: a mix of SUV and sedan *. But hardly any SUV driver knows that he is threatened with a fine on German autobahns with his city SUV: It blooms if the vehicle is too wide. Because if that’s the case, some lanes are taboo for the cars, writes .

The width of the vehicle is particularly important on motorway construction sites. The roadway is narrowed as a result of the construction work. This mostly affects the left lane, the width of which is limited to two meters. If the vehicle is too wide, i.e. wider than two meters, the left lane may not be used with it. Important: It does not depend on the vehicle width from the vehicle registration, but on the width measured from the left to the right exterior mirror.

The amount can often be found in the instructions for use. If none is stored there, you have to measure yourself. Important: Don’t just measure the mirrors and add them to the vehicle width. Because in some cases this point is not the widest on the vehicle. Often, however, you can also find information about this on the websites of the vehicle manufacturers.

Tesla models also affected: that’s how high the fine is

Not only off-road vehicles are often too wide for narrow lanes. Some sedans from Tesla are also only allowed to drive in the right lane on construction sites because of their enormous width. Anyone who uses a lane in construction sites with a vehicle that is too wide that is only intended for cars up to two meters wide faces a fine. 20 euros can be due.

Doesn’t sound like much at first, but in the event of an accident it can get really expensive: The comprehensive insurance then often only pays to a limited extent. The opposing liability insurance can also reduce the compensation, since the driver of the too wide car is complicit. So: it is better to measure again before the next motorway trip. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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