NewsSwiss singer Egli has climbed the Matterhorn

Swiss singer Egli has climbed the Matterhorn

Athletic achievement: Beatrice Egli climbed the Matterhorn. And then the Swiss pop singer was really hungry for the first time.

Zermatt – Swiss pop singer Beatrice Egli (33) claims to have successfully climbed the Matterhorn near Zermatt. “I still don’t believe it! Crazy! ”She wrote on Instagram.

The descent in particular was exhausting, she was “ready to go”, she said in a video. She will now be the first to eat hash browns – a kind of Swiss national dish with fried potatoes.

She had trained for nine months for the project with other mountaineers, as she told the German Press Agency a few days ago. “There were moments when I wanted to give up, but being in a strong group with women gives me strength.”

For International Women’s Day, Switzerland Tourism launched a campaign in which 48 four-thousand-meter peaks in Switzerland are to be climbed by women-only rope teams within seven months. According to the organizers, 47 peaks have already been climbed. The Zermatt tourist office congratulated Egli on Instagram.

The singer is releasing a new album next week, also with a song called “Matterhorn”. She sings it in Swiss German. The song only came about after the idea of the ascent, she said.

The 4478 meter high Matterhorn is a symbol of Switzerland because of its unique shape. But it is not the highest mountain – that is the Dufourspitze at 4634 meters, also near Zermatt. dpa

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