Luca Pacioli: contributions and curious facts about the father of accounting

Meet Luca de Pacioli, historically considered the father of accounting, and one of the most lucid minds in mathematics.


The government expropriated my house and my land, what am I entitled to?

The Expropriation Law establishes the causes of public utility and regulates the procedures, modalities and execution of expropriations.

Wildfire in Northern California continues – four dead

In California, an area of 224 square kilometers is burning. More than 1,300 firefighters are fighting the flames. Light rain eases the situation somewhat.

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Parts of Kentucky flooded – governor fears deaths

Flooded streets, washed away cars, destroyed homes and thousands without electricity - the governor of Kentucky fears the worst: "We expect the loss of lives."

Results and summary of Saturday's F1 in Hungary: classification

See the results, summary and everything that happened on Saturday of the 2022 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix with qualifying at the Hungaroring.